Saturday, March 14, 2009

my "not-so-happy" friday look...

i know i was supposed to give you a colorful, or at least something different from what i've been wearing from Monday-Thursday...but today, i just reached for my Heatherette Trio palette and opted for a subtle look. i dunno, but aside from feeling lazy today...i feel so heavy (yeah, i know i've gained weight..but i don't mean that! lol) and restless. i am worrying too much about a lot of things again....arrrgh!

i need a vacation! too much overtime in the office and lack of sleep maybe the culprits...i think i'm gonna pop a few sleeping pills and sleep the entire weekend! but i guess i am one unlucky biatch tonight for i missed the last trip of the here i am, passing time in the office and waiting for the first trip at 3am.

anyways, here's my look. (i'd try to play up with colors next week....)

PAC Brow kit topped with MAC brow set in Girl Boy
MAC Heatherette Trio
Stila Smudge pot in black
Revlon colorstay eyeliner in Black
MAC Plush Lash mascara

TFS Span pre-makeup base
Illuminare liquid foundation in Portofino Porcelain (Extra Coverage) --- will post a review of this soon!
Cargo highlighter/blush
MAC Sculpt and Shape
Cinemasecrets concealer
MAC MSF in Light Medium
MUFE HD loose powder

MAC CremeCup
MAC lipglass in Major Minor

i am really getting bored with my looks...i know you are too!

i am not sure if i'm going to have a great weekend, but i do hope you ladies will!


izumi said...

it may not be very happy but it is definitely pretty still :) i think more sophisticated!

Cinthia Truong said...

This look is very natural and elegance looking. It's anything but boring <33

Iambrigitte said...

thanks sisses

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