Thursday, March 12, 2009

Product Review: TFS Span Oil-Control Pre-makeup

I am loving Smashbox's Photofinish Light primer...i can say that it is my HG when it comes to face primers. but of course, looking for a good (if not better) and cheaper alternative surely won't hurt.

As a makeup artist, i make sure that all of the products i'm using on my clients are well-tested and favored by me. I've been using my Smashbox on them but there would be times when i'd be having an X-deal for a gig. this doesn't mean that i'd be using a cheaper (and crap) product on clients just because i don't get paid...but hey, we need to be practical, right? also, i want to have something i can use for everyday...and just use my Smashbox on really important occasions.

I used to have the Monistat anti-chafing gel as an alternative. but sometimes, there are clients who'd be nosy and would act differently if they see the brand name. so that's why i was in search for a cheaper primer that works at the same time.

Good thing i've found Span pre-makeup from The Face Shop:

"Inspired by water drops, this light weight base makeup line is formulated with tropical fruits that prevents allergy and dryness. "

Oil-controlling makeup primer that fills in big pores to prepare skin to be a perfect canvas for makeup.
1. Transparency (Clear) Gel Base - Suitable for ANY SKIN TONE - Shine-controlling, Silky finish
2. Silk Technology Polysoft Complex instantly fills in enlarged pores (without clogging). Pore Concealing"

(from TFS website)

honestly, this stuff works! priced at Php375, this is comparable with my Smashbox primer. It keeps my oilies at bay and helps in keeping my makeup intact.

- cheaper, compared with Smashbox
- no allergic reactions
- keeps oilies at bay
- gel in consistency, with a slight tint of green but goes on colorless when applied
- makes pores less visible
- provides a smooth canvas for your foundation
- amount to disperse can easily be controlled
- a little goes a long way (i had mine for more than 2 mos, and been using it almost everyday and i don't think i would need to purchase one soon!...i've also used it on some of my gigs)
- no smell

- absolutely nothing!

this product is LOVE!
my friends who don't like spending too much on makeup absolutely love this as well...i highly recommend this! (but of course, don't just take my word on it...go ahead and try it yourself on the counter...wink!)


AskMeWhats said...

Hi sis, The Face Shop products really are good! and I'll take your word for this, I'm sure this is a great alternative!!! The SPAN powder foundation is good din :) I really love their products :) Thanks for the review

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

thank you for the review! will definitely get this. :)

Soapaholic said...

Great review! I love that you try to help us, your readers find cheaper alternatives for high-end products.:) Thanks!:)

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