Friday, March 6, 2009

tired...sleepy....but excited!

for weeks now, i haven't had enough sleep. i've been working for more than 12hrs a day, pass time just staring at my ceiling and sleep for 3-4hrs. what a life!

i missed blogging...doing reviews and granting requests for looks, etc. i miss meeting with my friends and have fun. my work occupied most of my time...i barely have a life!

but hopefully, next week is the last hell week here in the office. finally, our project would be over soon (and so are our but at least, we (me and my teammates) would be able to rest and relax. geesh, i can hardly wait.

today, i got home at around 4am (went to work at around 1pm) but instead of going straight to bed. i spent more than an hour preparing stuff for my trip. i am going to BAGUIO! (woot).

for those who don't know, i spent my college days in Baguio (summer capital of the phils). but it has been more than 6yrs since i last visited there. i haven't seen the famous SM Baguio...but that's my first stop as soon as i got there (well, probably after i get some sleep since i'd be arriving there early morning and it's still closed). i promised myself that i'd see it. in as much as i wanted to go and visit my Alma Mater, i can't. i'd be busy keeping my good friend company. oh, i'd be Maid-of-honor (for the 2nd time this year) on her wedding on Sunday. I'd be doing her makeup...but of course, i'd be there to share their very special day.

ahhhh....i am so excited. really, i am. i can hardly concentrate with work. i have lots on my plate but all i kept on thinking about is BAGUIO...BAGUIO...BAGUIO. and yeah, tomorrow would be "session road in bloom" and i am so damn lucky to get the chance to see it again after 9yrs.

(do you think i over packed?)

hopefully, i'd be able to blog as often as before starting next week. i have loots that i am excited to show you, ladies. it's not much, though. but i've been trying to beat stress by shopping.

weeeee...I AM SO EXCITED!


AskMeWhats said...

Enjoy the Baguio trip sis! And no, you did not overpack :) I love how ready you are na! I hope you're not that stressed na :) Happy trip! And I'm sure you look very pretty as a maid of honor!

Gracie said...

Awww sis! You deserve a good break so enjoy your holiday. No sis, you could never have enough stuff with you hahahaha!

Shen said...

you didn't overpack! i'm surprise you only have one bag and a makeup case with you! you certainly deserve this break after seeing all your status in YM for the past week.. hehehe!

Unknown said...

hehhehe thanks ladies. shen i'd only be staying there for 2 days and 1 night! lol....

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