Wednesday, March 11, 2009

who doesn't love gifts?

...just when i thought that Xmas is over...well, it is. but i keep on getting gifts! not that i am complaining...(wink)

gifts i got from the ever-thoughtful Ate Gracie:

MAC foundation pump (finally! haven't been able to grab one from the local MAC store) and Benefit's Lyin' Eyes


my late Xmas gift from Nikki
(and i got it on her think i should be the one giving her gifts!)

this one smells yummy...and i love the tiny specks of glitters!

and from X:

Esprit Bag and iRiver MP3

yeah, it's an MP3!
X knows how much i adore Mickey Mouse...

tiny, cutey...

i laveeetttt!

thanks again, dearies for the gifts! you know how to spoil me...i wish i'd be able to return the kindness you've been giving me.



Jem said...

those are some amazing gifts!

The lyin' eyes looks great...

i've been eye-ing the erase paste its just that im not sure if its gonna compliment my tone.

Gracie said...

Sis, exactly! I'm glad you got the little something I sent you through sis Nikki :)

That MP3 looks sooo cute! I love it! Comes in my favourite colour too! RED!!!! Hahahahaha! Miss you sis! Muah!!!!

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