Wednesday, March 11, 2009

who doesn't love gifts?

...just when i thought that Xmas is over...well, it is. but i keep on getting gifts! not that i am complaining...(wink)

gifts i got from the ever-thoughtful Ate Gracie:

MAC foundation pump (finally! haven't been able to grab one from the local MAC store) and Benefit's Lyin' Eyes


my late Xmas gift from Nikki
(and i got it on her think i should be the one giving her gifts!)

this one smells yummy...and i love the tiny specks of glitters!

and from X:

Esprit Bag and iRiver MP3

yeah, it's an MP3!
X knows how much i adore Mickey Mouse...

tiny, cutey...

i laveeetttt!

thanks again, dearies for the gifts! you know how to spoil me...i wish i'd be able to return the kindness you've been giving me.



~tHiAmErE~ said...

those are some amazing gifts!

The lyin' eyes looks great...

i've been eye-ing the erase paste its just that im not sure if its gonna compliment my tone.

Gracie said...

Sis, exactly! I'm glad you got the little something I sent you through sis Nikki :)

That MP3 looks sooo cute! I love it! Comes in my favourite colour too! RED!!!! Hahahahaha! Miss you sis! Muah!!!!

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