Monday, April 6, 2009

Event: Shu Uemura Beauty Art Makeup Competition 2009

another event, yay! thanks again to Shen for giving me a heads up about it.
Mr. Shu Uemura made history by introducing the first makeup competition in 1972. Aside from being a contest, the competition inspires, motivates and excites all participants with the unlimited possibilities of creativitiy with makeup.

And this year, the Philppines joins by promoting the talent of our makeup artists locally in the beauty industry. Having the theme, Mother Nature, the contest is open to all novice and professional makeup artists with no current affiliations with other makeup brands. At least 5 Shu Uemura items must be used for the beauty artwork to be eligible in joining. A photo of the finished artwork and a video of the makeup application process (no editing) must be submitted for the screening to be made by the Shu Uemura makeup artist team. 20 entries (10 from novice, 10 for professional) will be for the initial screening and the top 10 (5 from each category) will compete for the local finals and finally, the winner will be competing for the regional finals to be held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

lots of prices are at stake. really, something worth working hard for :)
sounds exciting, eh? honestly, i WANT to join. but i am not sure if i am ready for this. it's no secret that i get nervous each time i'd have a makeup much more if it'll be for a contest? lol.

LYRA IMPORTANTE, giving the guests information about the Makeup Competition

Jamie of Mizzmakeup

Shen of Kikay Pinay

ugh...i am not pregnant, okay!? (though i really look like one. waaaaaahhh I NEED TO DIET ASAP!)
yummy treats we got for desert. and they did serve us yummy japanese food too!

my press kit and yeah, loot!


Sunblock Cream (SPF 30), Bronzing powder, a travel-size bottle of the classic star product: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil in Fresh and a tiny atomizer of Depsea water inside their MIKA makeup kit.

we also saw Bambi at the event. too bad, we weren't able to have a pic together. maybe next time? :)

for those who would want to join the competition, you can get the application form from the Shu Uemura boutique at the 2nd level north wing of the Powerplant mall, Rockwell Center.

who knows? we might bump into each other there...hehehhee


Tara Cabullo said...

What diet? You look great! :)

Gracie said...

Sis, what diet are you talking about? Stop it! Sis, goodluck on the competition! :)

Unknown said...

waaaah, cant u see it sisters..i look pregnant na! sniff

Unknown said...

filipinas are just so beautiful :)

* Jen * said...

I will repeat what they have said. You don't need to diet!

And I hope you do join the competition. You have real talent.


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