Sunday, April 19, 2009

just one of those days...

i hate being stressed...who likes being one, anyways!?

so, last week, when i started with my new job i got all stressed out already. and on top of that, i feel so sad and alone...probably because my birthday's getting near and i'd be alone that day (and worst, still going to work!) i've always celebrated it with my family or with X...but this year's gonna be different. i'd be all alone...sniff.

i went home early and went straight to the mall where i got so stupid again and bought stuff when i should be saving in the first place. but i didn't pass by i guess, i wasn't such a bad girl at all. right, Phoebe? LOL

after shopping, i found a long line of people waiting for a cab...i was too tired to stand so i decided to eat first. I went to Hotshots and had these:

tsk...and i said i am going to diet just the day before.

yeah..i eat like a pig.

those are my loots

was so excited to finally get one of this..(review coming soon)

i got sad even more coz i was eating alone. well, i'm used to eating all by myself but surely there are days when i wish i have somebody with me. most especially when i'm feeling all sad and stressed out. i really it when i feel like that.

would you believe the entire stuff from Watson's costs more than Php6k? Gosh, it's so expensive being a girl.

i also got the following from Ensembles and Plains & Prints:

i need new clothes since i gained too much weight. i usually fit in size S, now i'm size M. dammit!

and that's me with my beloved bear from X...sigh

i cried myself to sleep that night...and i still feel the same way until now.
damn, i hope to feel a lot better on the next days to come.


Jamilla Camel said...

Happy Birthday!!

Sorry you had to spend it alone, but you did get some good loot!!

I find that it always pays to stick with traditional, non-fried Asian food to keep you out of those fast food places!!

Good luck with your new job!

Chrissy said...

Happy birthday, too! I hope things will get better for you. I do know how it is to feel lonely.

Nothing like food and shopping to perk a girl up, right? :)

Phoebe said...

Sige na nga... *hugggs*

I can't believe your Watsons haul amounted to 6K! What on earth is the Philippines coming to??? Scared na tuloy ako umuwi :-/

Rochelle Rivera said...

Hi! Happy Birthday, I miss Philippines so much. Sometimes its nice to be alone and just enjoy yourself. But if I was there I'll celebrate with you, though you don't know me yet, but that's what I miss about Philippines, the people and friends everywhere. Nice Haul. It's expensive but fun to be a Girl.


*KiM* said...

wow hot shots yumyum! 6k from watsons? ekkk expensive super. but yeah it's part of being a girl. As one of my friends told me beauty prods should always be included on your budget hehehe...Advance happy birthday!

AskMeWhats said...

*hugs* sis, I hope you'll feel better, it's probably just those days! I hope you feel better soon!

Tish said...

Happy birthday in advance! My birthday wasn't all good either; but hey, at least we were given one more year to live. *smile*

I bought that same Maybelline mascara months ago and I still haven't opened it yet. I have about 12 mascaras here with me and that's the only one that's still sealed. Was it good? Should I open it now? Hehe

Crystal said...

happy bday dear! aww why do you feel sad? i hope things get better.

Steph said...

happy birthday! :) i hope you feel better now. but i know that feeling! i call it pre-birthday blues. :)

anyways, i got the same mascara! i like it but not so sure about the brush. it prevents clumping though. maybe im just not used to it yet. haha

Unknown said...

are those potatoes on the white plate?

nikki ♥ said...

belated happy birthday! The Maybelline mascara is lovely :) It's one of my "instant pick-me uppers" on a low day :)

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