Tuesday, April 7, 2009

previous looks and Laser Hair Removal update....

some previous looks last week:

combined the Heatherette Trio 1 and Hello Kitty makeup palette

Gothic Lolita eye shadow + NYX single e/s

and yeah, another purchase. ack. just when i am trying to avoid going to the mall to do shopping, the "mall" comes to me. LOL!

there was this perfume sale at the office building's cafeteria and since i'm running out of my everyday scents (D&G Light blue and Ralph), i decided to try out a new scent. and i love it. :)

got this for Php1300, and i think the original price is Php3000.
good deal, no?

as for the laser hair removal...i must say i am so shocked to finally see it working. well, last week, i was contemplating as to whether i'd shave or use a depilatory cream. (yeah, a girl gets into a dilemma like that...hahaha)

i was sitting on the throne (you know what it is LOL) and checking out my pits when i decided to try pulling out a hair since the doctor told me that after some laser sessions, the hair will just fall off or can easily be pulled off. and guess what! i was able to pull the hair off with a little or no effort at all! i was so happy that i just pulled hairs one after the other. i even reached for my tweezers and pulled hairs, and yep...i hardly put effort while doing it. i was able to pull off 80% without really tugging the hair.

yep yep...i will definitely be coming back for another session because IT IS WORKING!

i wish i can do the same for my legs...but for now, i'll just shave.


izumi said...

whee, laser hair removal. lucky! i'm glad it's working though :)

Crystal said...

where are you getting your laser done?

Gracie said...

Sis, hair laser removal is the most expensive way of doing but I've heard it really is worth doing it because you won't have to do it as often as shaving or plucking. Is that right?

gingerbee said...

Mwahahahahaha, my "seatmate" in the office (who happens to be guy) got dragged by our other female colleagues to that sale at the 12th floor and tricked him in buying perfume for his wife. Hehehehe. He ended up buying one for himself too!

Unknown said...

i am glad too izumi...been wanting to have laser done before but i was still in doubt back then. now, not anymore :)

hiyee musicalfanlovesminerals, im having it done at Godiva Skin care station :)

right, right, right ate gracie...i wish it's not that expensive for the legs.

hhahaha sis gingerbee, i was tricked too! my ofcmates told me that they would be buying too but i ended up the only one getting perfume. mga loko na un, napagastos na naman ako hehehe

Anonymous said...

oooooh im tempted. i want laser for my legs. haha but its expensive :(

anyways, great FOTD, as always :D

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