Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Product Review: Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense Spf50 sunblock

Product Features:
This light, non greasy moisturizer nourishes and hydrates your skin while also protecting it from the sun's harmful rays
Non-comedogenic, Non-greasy, Fragrance free from the #1 dermatologist recommended brand
UV rays from the sun are made of UVB and UVA. (It is important to protect against both UVB and UVA to prevent sunburn and other skin damage)

* from Amazon.com

i've never liked putting on sunblock on my body because i hate the sticky feeling...most especially on my face! i also hate the whitish cast most sunblocks leave, most especially those with really high spf. but i know it's a must. the only sunblock i've been putting on my face is the Obagi Sunfader...and it's only because it also has whitening properties which i need for my stubborn pimple scars.

one day, during one of my visits to my derma...i complained bout some pigmentations on my arms. she asked me if wear sunblock...to which i answered "NO. but i do apply lotion with some spf." she told me that with the scorching heat of the sun nowadays, it's not enough. and so she gave me this sunblock which can also be used on my face.

sunblock blended in

i've been using it on my arms then i found another one that is, well, less expensive so i've been using that for weeks now (will post that soon as well). so, you might be wondering what happened to my Cetaphil sunblock? of course, it didn't go to waste. well, almost! good thing i ran out of my Obagi Sunfader and since i am kinda broke to replenish my stocks (it's recession, baby! lol) i decided to give this a try and use it on my face.

warning: the pictures to follow might give you a heart attack!

so i start by putting dots of sunblock on my face, and then i blend it in


what i love:

  • feels light on my face...actually lighter than my Obagi Sunfader
  • it does give me a bit of shine, but no whitish cast on pictures!
  • oily at first, but goes away after some time...and it's nothing that a primer can't fix (winks)
  • cheaper than my Obagi (Php3600), this one costs Php800 (i think!)
  • a little goes a long way...but yeah, i tend to put a lot! :)
  • no allergic reactions
  • the high SPF!
  • if only it has whitening properties too, i might ditch my Obagi Sunfader and just stick to this.

what i hate:

  • the smell...though it says fragrance-free, it still does smell funky. i can say, smells like plastic. but it does go away.

(i can't think of anything else not to like about it...probably will update my post, just in case)

will i buy again?


so there..what about you? what sunblock do you use on your face? how about on your body? or do you use the same brand for both? ugh, with the scorching heat of the sun, nobody's safe. my mom keeps on telling me to apply sunblock even though i'm not going out. and yeah, moms know best. ;)



Soapaholic said...

Wow I just saw that in Target and had an internal debate for the longest time whether I should get it or not. The "not" won, hehe.:) Glad it's working well for you. I'm using L'Oreal UV Perfect Transparent SPF 50 now and loving it so far.:)

Anonymous said...

Hello =)

New reader here. Well, not really. Matagal na akong sumasabaybay sa blog mo. I never really bothered to comment before kasi akalo ko you're just one of those "Once in a Blue Moon Bloggers"...so I really appreciate the fact that you are consistent in blogging.

Anyway, I'm An from Canada. Another beauty addict from across the globe. In response to your post, I use Olay Complete SPF 30 Sensitive version on my face. Have been using it for over 5 yrs now, wala pa akong mahanap na kasing ganda nito. It's light on the face and doesn't leave a white cast. As for the body, I use Coppertone's Oil-free Broad Spectrum SPF 45. I like it cuz again, it's light and non-greasy.

So yah, yun lang =)

* Jen * said...

Yup! I use Hawaiian Tropic Baby Faces & Tender Places SPF 50. I mix it with my moisturizer and just apply it every day. I've been doing this for a couple of months now, and so far, so good. =)

Miss Shopcoholic said...

saw that on watsons, im having 2nd thoughts whether to buy this one or the Neutrogena dry touch sunblock. Have you tried it jheng?

Awais said...

Thanks for introducing this useful product for skin care. In current environmental conditions, I think there is no other thing is as hazardous for skin as uva and uvb rays either from natural or artificial sources.
After reading a latest science reports that most of the cases of skin cancer has been found to be causes by uva uvb light rays, I have started regular use of sunscreens,whenever I go out in sun hours.
Keep in mind that selection of a right sunscrean is more important than its use. Because the intensitly of uva or uvb light varies in different geographic regions.

WildFlower said...

was browsing around girl talk pages, then i saw a link to ur blog... i enjoyed reading it and i think am gonna learn new beauty tips from u. was using before Clinique sunblock with spf 50 but it costs much around 28 euro. Am having vacation next month there in Pinas and am planning to collect all the beauty products i could buy there for less. got bunch of idea from ur blog sis. thanks

Krys said...

Oh wow. I'm totally late here, but my derma just recommended I get this. Unfortunately I don't know where to find it. Can you tell me where you purchased this?

Unknown said...

Hi Miss Kaye,
I purchased mine at Duty Free ParaƱaque :)
~Pauline @Kallony

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