Friday, May 8, 2009
and the day that i've been stressing about for weeks finally came...i turned 30! LOL.

it has been no secret that i've been feeling so low for some weeks and even wished that i get to sleep for more than 24 hrs and just wake up when it's over. yeah..i was that pathetic. i still remember the time when i got home monday night...just a few minutes before my bday, i was crying like crazy. i even turned off my phone so i won't get calls. but of course i don't want anybody to be worried for not being able to reach me so i did turn it on again.

each time i get a message wishing me a happy birthday, i get teary-eyed again. i woke up the next day, hoping that i can just call-in sick but i'm sure my boss won't allow me. i had to drag my ass out of the bed and prepare for work..guess what, i was late for almost 3hrs! good thing it was my bday, so my boss spared me some sermon.

i wanted to look joyous by wearing some colors:

(MAC HK eyeshadow palette in Lucky Tom and Too Dolly)

i hope i did well in concealing my eyebags...i did look like i cried the night before, no?
courtesy of X, i celebrated my bday in the office...had some food delivered for the whole project team. apparently, my appetite is much bigger than those of the boys in our team! to my surprise, X also had 3 cakes delivered around 6PM...

thanks, Mahal! I'm sure my bday would be a lot better if you're here.

i did promise myself that i won't be meeting with anybody on my bday because i don't want them to see me being so low...but i just can't say no to Shen who have been bugging me for days to meet up with her. and i am glad i did...

i wish Sophie, Ebs and Jamie were with us though...i miss you ladies!

at FEZ (Serendra, The Fort) after our late dinner with Shen's dad

Dear Shen excused herself and told me that she needs to go to the restroom and went back with this lovely (and yummy) treats from Cacao.

Thanks again Shen for spending my birthday with me...i am sorry for being so stubborn by saying NO to you for a lot of times before finally giving in. I know you're tired from work that night but you still met up with me. you really are a good friend! til we meet again..i hope you get well soon!

and of course, my celebration won't be complete without meeting up with my former officemates (and my teammates when it comes to FOOD) for dinner the next day. I really missed has been a while since i last had a good laugh. I really need to see you more often... :)

thanks for the cake...woot!

and now, looking back...i really want to give myself some spanking for being such a pathetic, stubborn bitch before (and even on) my birthday. I've been stressing too much about some people not being around me that day when there are actually people who have been wanting to spend time with me. Funny isn't it? when we tend to look for people whom we think can make us feel complete when there are good people around us who aren't getting tired of making us feel special any time of the year.

i surely did feel special after. i have my family, though they are not with me, made sure that i am happy. my mom even sent me text message telling me that she would be hearing mass later that afternoon for me because she's sure i won't be able to drop by the church. X, who have been away from me for almost a year, made sure that i get to celebrate in the office. he sent me food allowance...hehehhe. my officemates are also thanking you for it...

Shen, together with our other friends, made me feel wanted by continuously planning on what to do on my birthday though i never wanted to meet up with them in the first place. after talking to Shen, i surely felt a lot better. :)

my former officemates (plus papa vernon), who also became my good friends took time to be with me and have some good laugh again. a lot of my friends also greeted me thru text and calls...some sent me an email, posted comments here and on my other blogsites.

you ladies also made me feel special that day.

of course, thanks to that special person up there who makes sure that i get to see the rainbow after the rain...and for surrounding me with people who cares for me.

i do have a lot of reason to be thankful :)
i know i actually have lots on my wishlist...but now, i only have one.

I wish that i would get to appreciate my blessings everyday so would stop feeling sorry about myself and stop worrying about a lot of things.

thanks again for everything.
i am not sure if i am happy bout my age...but i surely am happy for still being here :)


oh, more pictures here.


izumi said...

i'm glad you had an awesome birthday, and people there to turn your frowns upsidedown! :)

fuzkittie said...

Awwww I hope you're feeling better! I'm glad there were people to help cheer you up though! Happy belated.

Crystal said...

happy birthday jheng pretty girl!

Cinthia Truong said...

Happy belated beautiful!

Don't feel so sad. YOu should feel special with all the surrounding love <333

Pammy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday :)
Just wanted to say that I enjoy coming to your blog.
But I DIDNT know you were turning 30!
I think its because you always have a great big smile on your face, in your photos, that it makes you look much younger (much MUCH younger. Seriously I was suprised to read that you are 30~)
Glad it ended up being something great :)

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