Tuesday, May 19, 2009

David Cook and David Archuleta: BACK 2 BACK Live in MANILA!

so last weekend (Saturday), i went with my BFF and her sisters to the David Cook and Achuleta back to back concert here in Manila. i am not a big fan of any one of them, but i do love some of their songs...Always be my Baby, Crush, Love me tender and A little too not over you.

How i wish i've memorized more songs so i would've not felt so left out when the crowd went singing with them and i was like..."ugh..." LOL!

i must say most of the crowd are young people. well, i do consider myself old! hehehe. i love the people i was with because it's really obvious that they are big fans of the two American Idol stars that they even memorized most, if not all, of their songs! i had a good time and 'twas a big break after weeks of being stressed at work.

and here's what i wore to the concert:

MAC Gorgeous Gold (inner), MAC Aquadisiac (middle), MAC Freshwater (outer) and MAC Carbon on the outer for definition

Monave Caroline + Lauress Radiant Ivory
MAC Sculpt and Shape
MAC blush in Dainty
MAC HK lipstick in Cutester + Artdeco lip gloss
MUFE HD Finishing powder

some pics at the concert:

with Odette

the cutie David Archuleta

the hot David Cook

we were seated at the VIP Gold but we're still quite far from the stage. we were standing on our seats most of the time and the crowd really went gaga with their every performance.

it's been a while since i last watched a concert...i think the last one i went to was the "Pussycat dolls live in Manila" last 2006.

(PCD is having a concert again here in Manila, also at Mall of Asia grounds where the concert of the 2 Davids was held)

i went home tired...but happy. :)

more pics here.

will upload more videos soon...which reminds me, i lost 3 videos i have recorded in my digicam. i wonder what happened...grr!


Dana Yoshimizu said...

I've never been to a concert before, it looks so fun. & I love your the way you do your eyeshadow, you blend so well!

izumi said...

oooo i love this look :) what a fun mix of colors!

Edna said...

You are NOT old! && cute outfit :)

KRYSTAL said...

wow i like the look. very pretty!

Ida said...

i like the combination of blue and gold. your outfit looks pretty too! :)

Tara Cabullo said...

Sweetie, the whole look is soo pretty! :D You're on a ROLL!

LucĂ­a said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

you always look fresh clean and pretty always!

fuzkittie said...

Nice, how fun!! :]

Maui (Suushh) said...

I love the colors on this one and the blending. Good job! :)

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