Sunday, May 3, 2009

...just for laughs

i was lying down my bed inside my room when i had a glance of my old photos...looking back, i can say that i never really changed a lot.

(the one on the bigger frame: pic taken during my 5th birthday...i look innocent hahha)

i still stare blankly (at times) when my pic is being friends would tease me that i look like a robot when i do that.

i still pout and wink as well...

(taken during my HS graduation..with mom in the photo)

see my double chin? things haven't changed a lot, really...LOL

my eyebags are still terrible. yaiks! but i don't wear makeup before...see?

(with my HS buddies)

i still love EAT!

(with X at Enchanted Kingdom, gazillion years ago)

i still love wearing BLACK to give the illusion of being thin...and i still fail. hahhha!

okay, you can STOP laughing your asses off now.



AskMeWhats said...

you are tooo cute!!! :D thanks for sharing your photos :D

AskMeWhats said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
donnarence said...

your post screams: CUTE!!!!! adorable THEN and Still NOw.. :D

Cinthia Truong said...

You looked so cute when you were young. And so pretty as an adult. Thanks for sharing the pics :)

*KiM* said...

omg! you look so different now jheng :D you've turned into a really beautiful woman naxxx hehe

Tara Cabullo said...

Cuteness! :D You were cute back then and really beautiful now. Happy birthday, Jheng!

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