Thursday, May 21, 2009


hmmm..i can't seem to remember the last time i shopped. (sigh) i know it's a good thing coz i am able to save...but you know that shopping is one (if not the only one) thing i do to help me de-stress, so imagine how i am after weeks of being overworked and not being able to shop! LOL

anyway, here's some stuff i got last week...

Max Factor PanStik, because i've read some good reviews about this one..and well, i am broke to buy MUFE Panstick...and of course, another new brand of lotion to try.

The Body Shop Flawless got one and i love its coverage and staying power. But it seems a tad darker on me...i thought there's another lighter shade but apparently, what she has is already the lightest (shade 02). but the stubborn me still decided to get one... =)

yey, i got a new pair!

love my new tops...and the best part? i got a 20% birthday discount!

gifts from my dear friend, Nimfa.
thanks thanks!

how about you, what's your latest haul? geesh, i really missed shopping.


KRYSTAL said...

love the new tops! =]

* Jen * said...

Love the haul Jheng! I shop to de-stress too. LOL. RIght now, I'm obsessed with ordering online.

Bing said...

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Dana Yoshimizu said...

Your tops are really cute! said...

the dark blue/purple top looks awesome! i have been trying really hard to suppress the shopaholic bug in me :( and i fail every single time

AskMeWhats said...

your hauls look great!!! wow...I haven't really shop shop!!! I missed shopping :)

How are you?? too busy no sis?

The Beauty Junkee said...

haha. nice haul btw. I just got a very good haul last week. which means, i'm in brokeland for this week.

i hauled last week the ff:

chanel waterproof eyeliner in espresso and inmitable waterproof mascara in black
mac eyeshadow in contrast and lustre lipstick in touch
bobbi brown metallic lipstick in vintage rose

maybe my haul this week is a 17 pc. chanel brush set (which i saved for months ago) and i'm bound to pay for it this week! yahoo! happy bday to me.... :)

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Keziah said...

can you please do a review of the body shop foundation??

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