Friday, May 15, 2009

Tutorial: Neutral (not again!) look using Kleancolor palette...

I'm not sure if you still remember this palette that i got together with a bunch of NYX stuff from Cherry Culture last year. It's been a while since i last used it...and i think i have mentioned before that i love this palette because it's pigmented, travel friendly and most of!
And yeah, another neutral look for you. hehehe...if you are getting bored of my looks...go ahead and visit another blog! (but i do hope you don't...hugs hugs hugs)
1. Prime your lids if you wish and using the orangey shade, apply it on your lids...and try to leave a little space on the outer lid.

2. Next, using a blending brush, apply the next color on the outer lid.

3. To give it a bit more definition, apply a darker shade of color on top of your outer lid color. In my case, i got my other Kleancolor palette with a black shade. Notice that this time i am using my MAC 226 to apply the black shade precisely to where i want it.

4. Using MAC Femme-Fi, apply it as a highlighter just below your brow bones

5. Apply gel eyeliner on your upper lash lines, pencil eyeliner on the lower lashlines and smudge it with eyeshadow to help it stay put. Curl lashes and apply coats of mascara

i hope you like it!


Edna said...

I really like this look. Its a perfect neutral eyed look :)

donnarence said...

so neat!! nicely done.. i have trouble in applying neutral colors but you are really a pro!!!i am learning so much from you.. :D

Jamilla Camel said...

This is the perfect work look! Everything is precisely blended!

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