Wednesday, June 24, 2009

IT has come!

finally, my new phone has arrived!

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The Nokia N97, now tagged as the Finnish company's flagship mobile computer, has been released last week June 19, 2009 at Shangrila Makati during Globe Platinum's party. I was there to do makeup for their models, and while waiting for them to arrive, I had the chance to see and have my hands on this ohhh-some phone! I immediately fell in love that I almost threw my darn Samsung Omnia out of the hotel window. LOL!

I think i've posted here the story of me losing my 2-month old Nokia E71 last December...and the lack of a better option for a new phone made me get Omnia. and i tell you, I so hate it! I've wanted to stick with Nokia because of it's user-friendliness, but their newest model at that time was still the E71 and i wouldn't want to prolong the agony of remembering my old phone by getting the same model so i got the Omnia instead. And i still regret it until this day.

But now that N97 is out, I think i'll be having a new phone again!

(nah, that's just me wishful thinking LOL)

I don't think I can afford to get myself a new phone soon. So i guess, I'm stucked with my Omnia for quite a few more months...ugh!

So what does this phone has to offer?

  • it's the first from Nokia to feature a personalized home screen, so you can customize widgets to bring live information to your phone. These widgets can be Facebook (yep, FACEBOOK!), Hi5, news services, shopping and other information
  • It has 32GB internal memory (WHOA!) and can even expand up to 48GB thru a microSD card. Now, that means more camwhoring, baby!
  • It has 5MP camera with integrated Carl Zeiss optics. woot! woot!
  • A slide-out (now, this is something which i don't really like...but i guess it would be okay) QWERTY keypad

complete specs here.

and yeah, i am literally drooling!

Priced at Php34500 (and i got my Omnia for 35k...arrgggh!), it's now available locally.

Geeshhhh...i WANT!

too bad, my birthday has been months ago and Xmas isn't around the corner...



Edna said...

Wow, your phone is cute! I haven't used a nokia in yeaaaarss!

Shen said...

i love this!! i've always wanted a slide-side phone like those from HTC. :) ako, im more nokia than anythi ng else, but i love the apps in windows mobile so i hope i can have them here too. bakla, we shouldn't buy new phones!! we should save up for our SLR!!! :)

Unknown said...

aww edna i wish i have a phone like this one...i am so itching to get one...but i cant!

shen i'd prefer to get a new phone than an SLR. i don't wanna go get an SLR, i might get addicted and baka mamaya mga lens naman paglawayan ko. hahhaha

lelila said...

sell your omnia na lang jheng and buy this!

Liza! said...

ooooohh... gadgets! :-)

I'm a gadget freak too, but I still can't decide which new phone to buy.

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