Friday, June 5, 2009

Product Review: Artdeco Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner


The fine nylon tip of the Long Lasting Liquid Liner enables a precise and simple application with particularly even color coverage. The colore intensive and long-lasting texture assures an expressive eye make-up during the entire day. The Liquid Liner is quick-drying and smudge-proof.

Not suited for contact lens wearers! Fragrance-free.

This new product from Artdeco caught our eyes last weekend at SM Watsons. And being liner-addicts that we are, we decided to give this a try...hoping that this can be as good as MAC's Penultimate liner, if not better. Yeah, i did a review sometime ago about MAC liner....and i am beginning to like it bit by bit just because it is something i can use when i am in a hurry. I am more used to lining my eyes using liquid liners. But it still smudges a bit...oh well.

what i hate:
  • it's so hard to use. the tip's kinda stiff and it hurts my lids.
  • poor color payoff! you have to swipe a few more times for the color to show up
  • not suited for those who wear contact lens
  • you have to store it upside down if not in use...and it's like, hello!? i know, i'm being stubborn but with MAC, you don't have to do that. while using it, you also have to make sure that it's vertically straight...too much effort is needed when using this, and i hate it! the packaging states it should be stored horizontally, but the saleslady said it should be vertical so the "ink" would go down. wut the!?
  • it does smudge a bit like MAC Penultimate
  • it's not waterproof!

what i like:

hmmm, NOTHING? Sure, it's cheaper than MAC (Php749)...but why go for something cheaper when it doesn't really work at all?

(see how i put the "what i hate" part first...i can't really think of something good about this product...none at all)

this product is a total waste of money.


*KiM* said...

wahhhh I wanted to buy this but I won't na. Thanks for the review Jheng =)

Michie said...

Thanks for the review, sis! I was about to buy this last Thursday. It's a good thing I pushed the thought off.. Then, I read your review just now...

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