Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Product Review: The Body Shop Flawless Skin Protecting Foundation SPF25

A highly innovative cream-to powder foundation enriched with baobab oil. It provides a perfect colour blend for an instantly healthy-looking, flawless complexion. Thousands of tiny spheres smooth over your skin giving it an even skin tone and natural appearance. A mineral defence shield complex including botanical moisturisers and vitamins cares for your skin and helps protect it from sun damage. Blends from a soft cream to a radiant velvet powder on contact. Provides medium to full coverage. Available in 6 shades. Dermatologically tested. Non comodogenic.

I've been hearing about this product from my friend, Nimfa, who have been using this for quite some time. She has sensitive skin and surprisingly, this one doesn't make her break out. This is her HG foundation and would never trade this for anything else.

Of course, the curious little devil in me wanted to get one for myself. But i held back for i still have a number of foundations, and i still prefer mineral makeup for my everyday use. Until...mom got one for herself and can't stop from raving about it. She loves how flawless her face looks (well, she is flawless to start with) when she uses this and how easy it is to use. After a few days of really thinking over it, i finally decided to get one...and of course, Nimfa talked me into getting one. LOL!

what i love:

  • the sleek packaging. the silver compact is classy, just make sure it doesn't get scratched inside your bag or makeup kit.
  • easy to use with the sponge that comes with it. but, try to wash it after every use to avoid bacteria
  • it DID look quite flawless after application
  • the SPF

what i don't love:

  • limited shades available...the 02 which is apparently the lightest available here in the Philippines gets dark on me.
  • the cream settles into my pores...and showed flakes i never knew i had!
  • i get oily in less an hour after application
  • it doesn't stay on! i've used this with a primer beneath, but just after a few hours, i looked like i never applied any foundation.
  • doesn't provide good coverage
  • quite expensive. this sells for Php1200 ($35 approx.) well, we don't mind buying something expensive as long as it works great for us, right?
  • feels heavy on my face..i really had to set it with a loose powder or with my MSF to take away the sticky feeling. this doesn't happen when i'm using my other liquid/cream foundations
  • i hate using sponges, so i tried using it with my foundation brush and it aint easy.
  • no refills!

- right after application -

- after my 9-hr shift -

will i buy again?

kick me if i do.

LOL. I think this would be great for those with dry skin...and those with nothing to hide like blemishes, dark undereyes or scars. I honestly want to throw this away, but realized that mom would be much happier to have this.



Keziah said...

aw it didn't work for you.

i've been eyeing on this one coz of the packaging. i find it realli cool haha!

Edna said...

The packaging looks so sleek and pretty. What is your HG foundation?

Shen said...

lets the try the smashbox next time!! :)

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