Sunday, June 7, 2009

Product Review: In2it Light Reflecting Liquid Eyeliner

Product Description:
Waterproof and long wearing
Easy to apply and remove
Dries in 60 seconds
No bleeding or running
No fragrance
Nylon Hair brush

Directions for usage:
Apply by starting at the inner corner of the eyelid and draw outwards along the natural contour of the eyeline.


Shocking Pink Pearl, Turquoise Glitter, Kiwi

I am a sucker for eyeliners. I've started using eyeliners some 7 years ago, and i must say i have mastered the "art" of lining my eyes. So i try to get new and "promising" liners available in the market. Lately, i've been using only my black and brown fluidlines from MAC. I am too lazy to mix my loose mineral pigments with a mixing medium or with my BE "weather everything" eye liner sealant so i haven't been able to use colored liners.
and so when i came across this liners from In2it...i just can't pass on it. :)

what i love:
  • colors are so pigmented...really makes the eyes pop!
  • easy to apply. but if you are just starting with using liquid liners, this would need some getting used to
  • cheap...priced at Php239.75 and we got this for a discounted price (10% off)
  • a little goes a long way...a bottle would last a long time
  • there are 12 shades available, all pretty and sooooo pigmented. i wanted to get all of them, good thing Phoebe was there with me to stop me.
what i hate:
  • some colors leave a stain. i applied Turquoise and pink on my eyes and i was left with a bluish green stain on my lid for 2 days. but it does go away...don't force it by rubbing too much!



wet and rubbed

wet, rubbed and dried
(see, it does leave stains!)

with cleansing oil

nah, really can't be removed that easy!

at least, i won't need to line my eyes for another day..huh!


Violet Honeybee said...

lol! wow it really does leave a stain.. not cool o.o I still like UD for liquid liners =D

Cupcake Couture said...

Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it!! I really like those eyeliners, too bad they leave a stain.. haha. Where did you buy them from???


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