Friday, July 3, 2009


i love receiving gifts...who doesn't!?
a good friend of mine, Joan, came home from Australia for a two-week vacation. Too bad we didn't have time to go out for some clubbing or dinner because we were both busy. But she made sure i'd be able to get my "pasalubongs" from her. awwww...

i met her years ago in Sydney and from then on, we've been talking about what else, but makeup! I am so glad she took time to see me during her short vacation.
so here's what she got me:

my first ever Guess wallet...yey!

i've been wanting to get myself a bag or wallet from Guess, but i dunno...i just can't bring myself to buy one for me. I can buy for other people but not for me. I am just not into bags or wallets so to spend more than a thousand for those gives me headache. LOL!

but makeup? now, that's a different story. hahaha

how about you ladies, where do you usually spend your moolah on? i understand that some splurge on jewelries, some on travel, etc. me, know that already! wink!

thanks again, Joan and hope to see you soon...keep in touch and take care! God bless you and Randy :)


mik@ela said...

Thanks! It was good to see you. :)
Hope you liked our pasalubong. Email ka lang when you want something from here.

Take care! Hope to see you here soon. :D

Unknown said...

thanks again, joan! :) hehehe, kunin nyo na ako agad ha.hhhheheheh

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