Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Goodbye, MJ.

Yes, I am a FAN.

When i first learned about his death, i was like "is this some kind of joke?" and then text messages came telling me about this very sad news. i was in a cab, and i cried.

i know i should've posted something like this right after his death, but i just couldn't find the strength to do so...until now. at 3:27AM, i am watching his memorial service in cable and i can't help but cry seeing all those people caring for him, and thanking him for his great contribution not only in the world of pop music but also to those who he helped in whatever way.

still, i am hoping that he'd appear from somewhere and tell the whole world that he's just playing a joke. a bad joke, but i would prefer that over this loss.

looking back at my younger years, i can remember those times when i danced with his songs, and tried singing some of it (in which i really failed..) i love his songs, not only the melody but the thoughts in them...there's a couple of them that really touch my heart whenever i listen to them, and i'm sure most of you can relate.

but like most of us say, the only way to go when you're up there is down. and he did fall...intrigues plagued him, people judged and hated him...and his star just stopped shining. it was like he was put aside, his music rarely heard and those great things he did were just forgotten. it's sad that most in today's generation know a little about him, and most of what they know are not good...they have no idea how much he had inspired us and united us with his music. i am not in any position to say that he is guilty or not of whatever, but i must say that every person must be given a time to stand up and prove himself again.

he was supposed to have a comeback concert, and that made me asked myself if he'll ever come here again for a concert for i missed his first one here. i wished that i didn't miss it, and also wished that i'd be able to see one of his concerts in the future.
but he's gone now. but i'm sure he's somewhere looking at how people have been reminiscing all the things about him, and how we miss him. he has gone too soon...and no matter how hurtful it is, at least he's now at peace with HIM.

thanks again, MJ for all the inspiring music you gave us. you might have left us, but your memories will always remain with us. we are lucky to have known you and you will always be loved.

there will never be another like you, Michael...
we will miss you.

May you rest in peace.

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Tara Cabullo said...

I watched the memorial, too. Until 4:30 am. I cried like a baby. I will miss MJ and his songs and I will never get to watch him perform onstage :( *sob*

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