Thursday, July 23, 2009

a great weekend...

and so what's the best way to de-stress during the weekend? what else...but to go shopping!

and just in time, my fave MA from MAC texted me and told me that Colourcraft has come! geeez...his text made my heart jump for i've been wanting to get my hands on this beautiful collection. but i still need to save, so i set my mind on getting two of the brushes, and some e/s and MSF.

i planned on bringing baby MAC to the mall, but sort of scared that they won't allow me to bring him in. good thing Jamie offered to take care of MAC while i go to MAC (LOL)..but fortunately, we were able to sneak him in!

so to MAC we went, and here's what greeted us:

Colour Craft is LOVEEEE!

and here's me with my fave MA, Jarwin:

i got some stuff from the collection, but was really hoping i can get all...sniff
after a visit at the MAC counter, we went to Lucy Brittanico to get a haircut. it's been 7mos since my last one and i just want to get a trim for i'm planning to have my hair curled a few months from now...tee hee.

we got so hungry after that we decided to do loads of eating...hahhaha. when me and jamie gets together, either it would be about makeup...or FOOD!

but of course, weekend wasn't all about me...i got baby MAC some stuff as well:


he hates the shoes though...doesn't want to walk in them

see, he's even ashamed to show up his face on cam with those shoes on..LOL!
i can't wait to go home this's mom's birthday on saturday and that's another great weekend to look forward to!


AskMeWhats said...

awww your new hair is gorgeous and MAC is super cute!!!

lelila said...

nakakapanibago, your hair is soooooo dark! LOL!

cutiee MAC!

Anastacia said...

The shoes for the doggie looks such an adorable! Aweeee! So cute!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

haha, how cute!! I love how MAC is so spoiled~! XD I wish I had a doggie to spoil too now!

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