Monday, July 20, 2009

it's MAC's 4th month birthday!'s MAC's 4th month birthday last July 15!

i made sure that i get home early and give my baby a treat:
a slice of cake
and vanilla ice cream (i can't find one that is plain vanilla, so i just got the "POPS" and just took off the chocolate coating...heheh)

Happy Birthday to my baby MAC!

too bad, i wasn't able to find a candle for the cake

mommy giving MAC his first taste of cake

chomp! chomp! chomp!

of course, i didn't let him finish everything..but at least he gets some treat every now and then.

and here's MAC playing with mom's gift:

i'm actually excited to celebrate MAC's first birthday. didn't you know that back in the province, we really celebrate our pets' birthday by having a cake, some pasta, chicken and ice cream? i can't wait to have one like that for my baby!

geesh, my friends say that i take care of my baby too much and that it's like i am taking care of a human baby. makes me wonder if i'll make a good mom to a real baby in the future (hmmmm...)


My-My said...

I believe that it is more than obvious that you will be a wonderful loving mom.

he is SO cute and fluffy! I wanna cuddle him.

AskMeWhats said...

you will be a wonderful mom for sure, Happy birthday to MAC :)

Abby said...

sooo cute! happy birthday dear MAC! ;) he's soo..MACGorgeous (got it from a corny mcdo text joke) ;)

Shen said...

super cute!!! happy 4th month baby!! :) I'm eager to meet you na! :) mommy loves MAC talga coz she didn't give him chocos. :) mac must have been so full from all that cake. :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

AWWWW.... How cute!! MAC is just adorable! ^__^

Bernadette Villanueva said...

MAC is adorable! My Tzu doesn't eat cake, too bad =P

From the way you care for MAC, you'll be a great mom for sure!

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