Sunday, July 19, 2009

Makeup Technique: Powder Puffs

being a (freelance) makeup artist for more than a year now, i must say that i still have a lot to learn. and i would like to thank those people who have thought me some things i ought to learn, or probably might have learned before but just refused the idea (see, that's how stubborn i can be).
for a year now, i've been using my beloved stippling brush (or a fluffy powder brush) to use with a loose powder (or MSFs) in setting my clients' foundation. eversince i took makeup lessons, i stayed away from sponges/puffs and just use brushes in makeup application. but after seeing Jamie's way of setting foundation, i must say, i am hooked.
i was amazed at how Jamie made my foundation last a looonng time, and that means not having to blot at least 2-3hrs after applying makeup.

the technique? using powder puffs to set your liquid/cream foundation. that is to pat your face with the puff to ensure that your foundation adheres to your face.

i sometimes complain as how easy my foundation slides off my face especially on a very humid day. but when Jamie did my makeup for her lessons and then went shopping after, my makeup stayed put!
armed with a new technique, i went to the mall and got myself these:

powder puffs and loose powder from The Face Shop (with freebies)

and since then, i've been using puffs in setting my liquid foundation. i still use brushes at times, but only when retouching...which i rarely have to do just as long as i've set my foundation right.

how about you? are there any techniques you've acquired lately when it comes to makeup? i'd be more than glad to learn more!

thanks again, Jamie!


CherryColors said...

I like to use sponges to aquire the 'polished' or 'airbrushed' look and I always use the puffs and loose powder to set my foundation.. Even at some times during the day when I start to get some shiny skin next to my nose.. :)

AskMeWhats said...

and you know what sis? you don't waste so much setting powder/loose powder if you use a puff to set your foundation! great for you to share the tip :)

Crystal said...

thank you for sharing this tip!

Shen said...

really? that's great to know. like you, i stay away from sponges as much as i can. :) now though, esp with your tip, i won't na. :)

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