Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Product Review: Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Cream Concealer

Salmon Dark Circle Cream Concealer Cream

Concentrated & creamy, it effectively covers dark eye circles and wrinkles. Can be easily applied without irritation.

Instruction: Apply an appropriate amount of cream around the eyes carefully and evenly, finishing with concealer brush or tap the area with finger

Available in 2 shades in a 10g jar.

Price: Php950.00

i told you, i got excited when i saw this at Skinfood at Rustan's. i wanted to get the entire line but i just purchased another skincare line from another brand, so i decided to let it go (for now...LOL).
but of course, stubborn me won't leave the counter without getting least the one that i can afford at this time, so i got the concealer in shade #2:

what i love:
  • consistency is creamy and easy to blend
  • no weird smell
  • shade #2 is my exact shade for my undereyes. tried to get the lighter shade, but now i'm sure i'd look funny had i insisted on getting it. LOL
  • no irritations
  • doesn't cake no matter how much you put on
  • a little goes a long i'm sure this 10g jar would last me months!
what i hate:
  • kinda oily
  • hard to set, at least with the powder i am using as a setting powder. but i tried using it with the salmon set powder at the counter and it works great (darn, now i gotta get that one too!?)
  • it creases...and it's just because i wasn't really able to set it properly
bare undereyes

with the Salmon Concealer in shade #2

set with Oceanmist Saffron Concealer using a brush

and yeah, i know i messed up. i should've used a puff instead and probably a much looser setting powder. arrrgh, i am really getting my hands on that Salmon Powder and hopefully, give you a better view of my concealed undereyes.


AskMeWhats said...

sis it did concealed your undereye well!!! i can see the difference!

Crystal Gale said...

your undereyes looks great with it! do you think I can use a MMU highlighter (BE well rested or ellana awake) on top? I'll get this after I finished my MK concealer hehe :)

文学少女 (Literature Girl) said...

Wow, I can also see the difference on the undereye area!
I love skinfood... This reminds me, I have to use my sample packs I just got and try to review it. I really love skinfood too

Jennnn said...

wow it really conceals well! Reminds me of the NYX concealer.

Pammy said...

Thanks to your review, I got myself one. I got shade 1 though. It works! ^_^

But I agree that it is kinda oily but it works wonders.

Miss Shopcoholic said...

thanks for the review! yeah naco-conceal talaga nya yung dark undereyes mo.. been lemming for that concealer! but ang mahal pala noh?

Unknown said...

hi sis gale i think you can use other loose powders to set it. though i think it would work best if used with Skinfood salmon set powder...i got one just now, and im so excited! will keep you ladies posted ;)

notjustminerals said...

Sis, the concealer works well on you! You said there are 2 shades. The other one is lighter? I'm medium skin-toned, do you think this same shade as yours would work for me?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
some quiet moments.. said...

hi does the content of it help to lighten your dark circles in the long run? :)

Unknown said...

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Celline08 said...

Great review. It did conceal your under eye circle. :))

The Girl Can Rock said...

OMG, amazing product !

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