Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend with my family...

i should've posted this last week...but wth, it's better late than never.

so i didn't plan to go home last weekend for i have an appointment with a client. but mom called me and asked me to go home..and yeah, i'll choose my family all the time :) so off to the province i went that Saturday and after hearing mass, mom told us that we'll be having dinner in Subic Bay, Olongapo. Where else, but at my fave seafood restaurant...SEAFOOD BY THE BAY.

i missed seeing this sign

hmmm...what ELSE do i want?

with my sis, Sam
Lechong Kawali
Shrimp in Buttered Chili Sauce (my ultimate fave)

steamed shrimps

Tuna Sisig

Seafood soup

Grilled Shrimp

Seafood vegetables

my plate...

omg..what happened here?
i LOVE this restaurant. You can eat outside the resto just by the seaside...the wind as well as the sound of the sea is so relaxing, makes you want to go right to bed after eating. hhehehe (and i always do that!).
i can't remember how much it costs per dish, but everything amounted to Php 3,400 and it's cheap for a sumptuous food that would actually make your tummy so happy. me and my family loves to eat a lot...too bad i'm the only one who gains weight. LOL.
the service is good, the crew are so polite and the ambience is so relaxing. this is one place you must go with your family and your loved ones.
and yeap, i love seafood..all kinds of food, actually.
geesh, i wish i went home this weekend.
how about you, what's your fave past time with your family?
photo taken by my sis while we were waiting for the food...


Jamilla Camel said...

What a fun time!

You and your sis are really kawaii!

Tish said...

You look different in your first solo photo. Like sophisticated? I guess it's the eyes. Anyway, the food looks sumptuous.

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