Thursday, August 20, 2009

Product Review: L'oreal Professionnel Texture Expert Aqua Sleek

Sleek and aqua airy-essence - airy category
Aqua essence for a smooth blow-dry style or a hairstyle with a soft, lightweight finish
Product Category:
Smoothing Cream
Main Benefit:
Smoothing, blow-dry styling
Incell and pearl proteins repair and reinforce sensitized hair fibers. Vitamin E acetate protects the hair
Apply a dab of the product on washed, towel-dried hair. Proceed with blow-drying or styling as usual.
Php 915 (125 ml)

My friends say that i am so high-maintenance...i use a lot of skincare products, and no matter how sleepy, tired or drunk i am, i won't forget to slap on these products.
And if there's one thing that i dont really fuzz's my hair. yep, i don't go thru such things as hot oil, protein treatments, etc. i can use any shampoo and conditioner and most of the time, i just air-dry my hair. I color my hair every 5-6 months though, and i use hair color serums just to maintain the color and shine.

After almost 4 years of sporting a short 'do, i now have a long hair (way past my shoulders) and i am loving it. but the hassle of air-drying my hair everyday doesn't help me to avoid being late from work. LOL. I actually thought of cutting it again, until i met this product.

my HG hair product

I am so thankful of Shen for giving me this a month ago. I was hesitant at first, for i am not used to applying other stuff on my hair aside from my L'oreal Elseve hair serum (the red one). But oh boy, i am so glad i did try it.

what i like:
  • smells good. how i hate the smell of some hair products...there are some that smells like rubber, eww!
  • non-sticky
  • doesn't weigh my hair down
  • no need to use a separate hair product to tame frizziness
  • cuts half (if not more than) of my air-drying time
  • gives me sleek, shiny and soft hair all day
  • a little goes a long way, i've been using mine everyday and haven't finished even half of it

what i hate:

  • the price. it's pricey at P915.00 as compared as to what i've been using before...but hey, for something that really works, money isn't an issue (right!?)

i think this Texture Expert from the L'oreal Professionnel line isn't available at regular stores. correct me if i'm wrong, but i think you can grab them from your hair salons that offer L'oreal hair products.

i am so loving this product. i haven't finished my first tube but i already am planning on stocking up as i don't want to ran out of my current HG hair product...well, who does!?

just a question come in other countries, it's called Smoothing Essence and not Aqua Sleek? hmmm

(thanks to Phoebe, i actually "stole" the pic and product blurb from her

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

thank you...and til next time!

to all those who visited, for those who can't drop by but still wished me luck and of course, to Ms. Kang of MAC Glorietta...super duper big thanks!
of course, thanks also to our very own, Bambi for helping me that day. 'twas my first time, but she made it easier and a whole lot of fun.

BAMBI my co-guest MUA

geesh, i wish i have a room like this!
'twas a very tiring day...but i got so overwhelmed and really had a lot of fun that i skipped lunch and snacks! LOL.
trust me, this is one thing i can do for the rest of my life.

until next time...tata!

Ebay palettes and updates!

hiyee, ladies! yep, i am alive...sorry for the lack of updates, been busy for the past weeks with X and the family. of course, i missed all of you. i've been itching to blog but all i want to do when i get home is to get some precious zzzz...but don't worry, i am back. i'll try to catch up. :)

so what have i been up to? hmmm, aside from spending time with X (who's leaving next week...sniff), i've been stressing out with work. seems like this global recession found me again...but no worries, i'll be okay. i have a new work and of course, will let you know once i get on board.

weeks ago, i was lemming for more makeup palettes and since i am trying to save some moolah, i decided to get from ebay. besides, some good things in life need not to be really expensive...and just in case it won't meet my expectations, at least they won't cost as much.

i also read some good reviews so i was so excited when my package arrived:

got that really good sponge as a freebie

15-color concealer palette

some concealer swatches

72-color neutral palette

eyeshadow swatches

6-color contour/highlighting palette


i am happy with my purchases (reviews soon, promise!) and i only spent $25++ for the entire loot..but shipping fees suck. almost as much as my total purchase, ugh.
and i thought that from buying from ebay would make me forget my lemming from the warm palette from coastalscents...geez, so wrong.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Meet and Greet: iamsutil @ MAC

Want to get a makeover, consultation or just want to have a chit chat? Please come and visit me!
I'll be the guest makeup artist for MAC Glorietta this coming Monday.

Again ..Please take note: :D
Where? Mac Glorietta
When? Monday August 10, 2009
Time? 10am -7pm

Thanks all!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SALE ALERT: The Great CHARM Mid-Year Brush Sale!

Now that our dear Beautynomics is back (hopefully, for good!) in Manila, CHARM is having its big mid-year brush sale for the whole month of August!

Charm Retractable Kabuki
Original Price : 500.00 SALE PRICE : 400.00

Charm Pink Kabuki Brush
Original Price : 600.00 SALE PRICE : 475.00

Charm Dual Fibre Brush
Original Price : P 850.00 SALE PRICE : 700.00

Charm Concealer Brush
Original Price : P 350.00 SALE PRICE : 250.00

Charm Crease Blending Brush
Original Price: P 350.00 SALE PRICE : 250.00

Charm Eyeliner Brush/ Charm Eyebrow Liner Brush
Original Price : P 300.00 SALE PRICE : 200.00

Charm Big Blending Brush
Original Price : P 300.00 SALE PRICE : P 200.00

Charm Deluxe Brush Set ( without case )
Original Price : P 2,100.00
SALE PRICE : 1,800.00 for all 8 pcs!

Sale Prices ( all items are exclusive of shipping and handling fees )
Promo Valid only from August 3 - August 31, 2009

so ladies, what are you waiting on this link to place your orders.
No coupons or codes required!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Make Up Gig: Anvaya Cove Fashion Show

Anvaya Cove launch at Greenbelt 5
July 30, 2009

thanks to my co-mua, Jamie and our hairstylists Michelle and Fau
and of course, to all the models we've worked with.
til next time, ladies!
more pics here.

Modess Press Launch: A New You in 28 Days!

Are you one of those people who sets goals but hardly meets them?

Are you one of those who needs constant reminding when it comes to things that you ought to be doing in order for you to accomplish your tasks toward your goals?

Are you one of those who gets distracted when your period comes and you have an important date or event and all you want to do is to curl up in bed and relax?

if you are, well...welcome to the club!

But of course, realizing all of these won't stop there. We need to do something...for who wouldn't want to feel accomplished and satisfied after meeting your goal/s?

Good thing that Modess would give us all the support that we need to be ready and all set in meeting our goals...whenever and wherever!

Modess and Carefree launched their new campaign, A New You in 28 days, an online campaign that provides women goal-setting tools in order for them to meet their goals in 28 days. It gives women how to be worry-free from monthly period issues like wetness, discomfort, leaks, etc and just focus on how to accomplish their goals.

The campaign website,, is a very useful tool for all of us women to meet our goals and be that confident woman we all wanted to be. It provides a 28-Day goal program that lets women choose a goal based on their personal interest and age group (pre-teens, teens and women).

The site also provides user with an Online Planner, so we can track our progress towards our goal. All tasks we need to accomplish are automatically plotted on the calendar so we would know what we should be doing for a particular day, so we'll stay on track and be focused. On this online planner, one may also keep track of her monthly period so there would be no more surprises when it comes to your period. At least, one would be able to predict the day/s she'd be having her period and not plan on going to the beach on those days.

There's also the section Understanding Your Body, which features articles about monthly periods, how to combat menstrual cramps, etc.

And there's the Doc Talk section where users can post questions to our resident OB-Gyne Dra. Tere Henson MD about personal hygiene, menstrual issues, etc.
This website is really cool and ultimately useful to all women out there. It's like having your bestfriend to remind you of your to-do things to help you meet your goals and assure you that nothing, even your period, can hinder you from achieving your goals.
the event is really empowering and i'm glad i was able to fact, i am too glad that i didn't miss it!

Dra. Henson

Modess and Carefree also complements this campaign with their special product bundle, the 28-day kit which contains: Modess regular and overnight pads, Carefree pantyliners and a feminine wash for a friendly price of Php100.00.

This bundle comes with a special code that can be used to earn points and get cool prizes and freebies.

the beautiful host, Andi

with Tito Roger

dear Shen after winning a hair-treatment coupon from Azta (and i did, too!)

the new hosts for Us Girls...


so what are you waiting for?

let's now log on to A New You.


(thanks Shen for the pics!)



ladies, now's the time to stock up on one of our favorite skin care items from PONDS, the global pioneer in skin lightening, as it gives its loyal consumers a chance to indulge in the bevy of their beauty products in its much-awaited and first-ever nationwide Big Beauty Sale!

Enjoy as much as 70% off of Pond’s Age Miracle™ Microdermabrasion Kit, Pond’s Flawless White™ Vitamin Soak Lightening Mask, Anti-spot Intensive Whitening Serum and Light-infusing Under Eye Cream.

Get 50% off with Pond’s Age Miracle™ Dual Eye Therapy UV, Overnight Repair Dream, Daily Resurfacing Cream, Concentrated Resurfacing Serum, Daily Resurfacing Cream SPF 15 PA++, Cream Pump, Day Cream Pump, Pond’s Flawless White™ Visible Lightening Day Cream and Re-brightening Night Treatment.

Treat yourself with 20% off of Pond’s White Beauty™ Pinkish White Glow Lightening Cream and Pinkish White Glow Lightening Facial Foam, Pond’s Clear Solutions™ Anti-Bacterial Facial Scrub, Breakout Control Lotion and Oil Control Cleansing Foam.

Discover the beauty within with Pond’s. Grab onto your seats as the Pond’s Beauty Sale runs for a limited period only, starting August 15 until September 15.

Text 7days (city) to 2948 (i.e. Text 7days (Manila) to 2948).

Or log on to for a list of participating stores nationwide.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Thank You and Goodbye, Tita Cory...

'twas a gloomy Saturday morning when i woke my surprise, it was again raining when it was already sunny the previous day. i reached for my phone and read a friend's message that said, "Goodbye, tita Cory..." i nearly choked.

i ran down the stairs and asked, "is she dead?" to which Lee answered, "yes, she died around 3:18 this morning..." i felt weak. it's as if a family member has died...

she may not be one of my family, but with her legacy of bringing back Democracy in our country made me feel like i'm one of hers. her concern for everybody, be an enemy or not is so genuine...and her faith in God is overhelming and truly something to be admired.

i was only 6 years old when she became Asia's first female president, and the Philippine's first...but i already have an idea who she was back then. I saw the news (or probably some commercials) about the People Power and how Filipinos fought for the long sought after freedom after being under a dictator for more than 20 years. i remember how i love the songs that came up during that revolution...i might have a little idea of what the songs were about, but when i see and hear people singing it while marching hand in hand in Edsa, i know it's something bigger than its nice melody...and that there is something in those songs that make the people brave in facing those armed soldiers...and give them rosaries and prayers in return.

her presidency might have ended a long time ago...but she never disappeared. she continued to be an icon of faith and not depending on violence in time of turmoil but on prayers. she was like a mother to all of us, for she continued to pray for our country. she's strong...very strong. imagine, being a widow after your husband got assasinated and yet, not showing any sign of hatred to those who might have caused it. she took over a very troubled and poverty-stricken country, and tried with all her might to get us on our feet and start all over again. she is one symbol of a very strong and great woman, despite all the obstacles that she faced.

it was sad that she have left us...but i am also happy that she's now at peace with the Lord and with her beloved husband, Ninoy. i know she will forever be with us and will continue to pray for all of us, above.

condolences to your family and again,
thank you very much Tita Cory and may you rest in peace.

He's back!

sorry ladies for being MIA for a few days (and probably for the coming days to come) because i haven't got the chance to even go online for i have been busy with family and of course, with X.
yep, he's back for a one month vacation!

a few hours after his arrival

on our way to Clark

At Xander's christening

with mom and sam

with baby Xander

and of course, my baby MAC:

i'd be off from work starting this mid-week and won't be back in Manila until Sunday night, so i might not be able to blog. but i promise, i'll make it up to you when i get back.


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