Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Modess Press Launch: A New You in 28 Days!

Are you one of those people who sets goals but hardly meets them?

Are you one of those who needs constant reminding when it comes to things that you ought to be doing in order for you to accomplish your tasks toward your goals?

Are you one of those who gets distracted when your period comes and you have an important date or event and all you want to do is to curl up in bed and relax?

if you are, well...welcome to the club!

But of course, realizing all of these won't stop there. We need to do something...for who wouldn't want to feel accomplished and satisfied after meeting your goal/s?

Good thing that Modess would give us all the support that we need to be ready and all set in meeting our goals...whenever and wherever!

Modess and Carefree launched their new campaign, A New You in 28 days, an online campaign that provides women goal-setting tools in order for them to meet their goals in 28 days. It gives women how to be worry-free from monthly period issues like wetness, discomfort, leaks, etc and just focus on how to accomplish their goals.

The campaign website, http://www.anewyou.com.ph/, is a very useful tool for all of us women to meet our goals and be that confident woman we all wanted to be. It provides a 28-Day goal program that lets women choose a goal based on their personal interest and age group (pre-teens, teens and women).

The site also provides user with an Online Planner, so we can track our progress towards our goal. All tasks we need to accomplish are automatically plotted on the calendar so we would know what we should be doing for a particular day, so we'll stay on track and be focused. On this online planner, one may also keep track of her monthly period so there would be no more surprises when it comes to your period. At least, one would be able to predict the day/s she'd be having her period and not plan on going to the beach on those days.

There's also the section Understanding Your Body, which features articles about monthly periods, how to combat menstrual cramps, etc.

And there's the Doc Talk section where users can post questions to our resident OB-Gyne Dra. Tere Henson MD about personal hygiene, menstrual issues, etc.
This website is really cool and ultimately useful to all women out there. It's like having your bestfriend to remind you of your to-do things to help you meet your goals and assure you that nothing, even your period, can hinder you from achieving your goals.
the event is really empowering and i'm glad i was able to come...in fact, i am too glad that i didn't miss it!

Dra. Henson

Modess and Carefree also complements this campaign with their special product bundle, the 28-day kit which contains: Modess regular and overnight pads, Carefree pantyliners and a feminine wash for a friendly price of Php100.00.

This bundle comes with a special code that can be used to earn points and get cool prizes and freebies.

the beautiful host, Andi

with Tito Roger

dear Shen after winning a hair-treatment coupon from Azta (and i did, too!)

the new hosts for Us Girls...


so what are you waiting for?

let's now log on to A New You.


(thanks Shen for the pics!)

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