Wednesday, September 30, 2009

new stuff...

i know i've been gone for quite a while...but since i promised to update you about everything that happened to me, let me give you a peek of the "loots" i was able to acquire for the past month. but nope, i didn't go shopping like a mad woman...some of these are gifts, and some i got for such a great deal:

131 brush, eyeshadow palette in Notoriety, e/s in Ego, eyeliner in Orange
(from mom

Infallible lipstick in Rose Tattoo and Elianto cream concealer
(still from mom

gifts from a dear friend, Paula
(thanks girl!)

Prestige eyeliner, Mod false lashes

items i got for 50-70% discount during the L'oreal sale

and yep, i haven't been shopping for a while now. i need to save..and besides, it doesn't feel right to splurge on things such as these at these times.

i got lucky...

to all those who are in the Philippines, where were you when the typhoon struck our country?

i got lucky that i was out of town for a gig, or else i'd be at home, crying over our car drenched in a waist-deep floodwater. To think that i was having second thoughts of going to that out-of-town gig...but despite of the bad weather, and still hesitant, i went there with my partners. we were actually complaining during the entire trip about how bad the weather is and even planned on going back to the city right after the gig to do something else. but my car got stuck in the mud and we had a hard time getting it out of it, til we decided to just stay for the night.

and then we were able to watch the tv bout how bad the flood is...we were shocked. i called the guard of the place where I'm living and they did ask me not to go home because of the waist-deep flood. i almost cried out of shock. family and friends started calling and texting me asking where i am, for they knew that my place is flooded at that time.

i got really lucky...i know.

but most people didn't. and i feel bad that I've been complaining bout the power and water outage when i finally got home...when a lot of people haven't been able to eat and drink for more than a day already. i felt ashamed that i've been complaining bout a lot of things not worth complaining about, when there are people who were left with nothing.

good thing, there are still a lot of people who are willing to help in any way they can. i've been reading a lot of things like how people from all parts of the world are trying to collect donations. at times like these, we tend to feel like we are all brothers and sisters and that we need to help one another. i just wish that we can be like this all the time...and not just during disasters.

my dear readers, let us try to help in every way we can. there are a lot of things that we can do: send donations in cash, or in-kind, be volunteers in repacking the donations and delivering them to the affected areas...or we can pray. prayers can do a lot of things. let us pray that our brothers and sisters would be able to recover from their loss...let us pray that this won't happen again (there are 2 more typhoons coming our way this week... :<) and let us pray that those who got lucky would do something to extend their "luck" to our less lucky brothers and sisters.

thanks dearies for taking time to read this post...

GOD bless us all.

my Bobbi Brown's Bright Eyes palette eotd...

remember my lemming on the Bobbi Bright Eyes palette? an angel might have heard me and asked my dear ate Gracie to give it to me...yey!

here's my first attempt to do an eotd using the palette...and of course, it won't stop here. and yes, it might be quite late but i'd still do a review on it soon :)

PAC brow kit
Bobbi Bright Eyes palette
Maybelline Cat Eyes mascara
Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner in Bold Brown <---this is also becoming a fave of mine!

yay...see my cheeks? they have grown big, no? LOL

my initial say on this palette? hmmm, it's hard to blend! but i am loving the colors so i'm not giving up on it yet...i'll try to do more looks and let's see.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Product Review: The Face Shop Professional Makeup Base (Green)

Professional Makeup Base (GREEN)

Oil-free, non-sticky makeup base helps skin banish unwanted shine for fresh makeup. Green neutralizes redness and evens out skin tone.

Php375 for a 40ml tube
(forgot the exact price, feel free to correct me in case i'm wrong)

I bought a couple of green correctors before (powder and liquid types) but never really liked it. It's either i cake like crazy afterwards or i get a hard time trying not to look like a green monster after applying it. So when i really started to use primers, i'd prefer those clear ones. And in case i would want to cover any signs of redness, i just use concealers. But of course, i really need to neutralize the redness first, right? So, this product is really heaven-sent :)

what i like:
  • no funky smell
  • no allergic reactions. been using this almost everyday and i don't get any itchiness or whatsoever
  • gives a dewy finish...not too shiny, not too matte
  • really neutralizes the redness so you'll have a brighter face after putting on foundation. it really makes a difference to have this on, than to just directly apply foundation on your face
  • creamy consistency makes it easy to blend and doesn't feel heavy at all
  • cheap as compared to other brands...and it works as well, if not better
  • pores are less visible
  • foundation doesn't cake even you have this underneath
  • provides you with a smooth canvass for your foundation
  • you won't look like a green monster if you've applied too much!
  • a little goes a long way, so this 40ml tube would last me for months. i had mine for almost 2mos, been using it almost everyday.

no primer - with primer - with primer + mineral foundation

what i hate:
  • no spf. If you want the one with the spf, TFS has the Phytogenic primer but much more expensive
  • makes you oily if you apply too much. so just use a tiny bit and spread evenly on your face


  • you can apply this using a brush, but i prefer applying it with my fingers (make sure they are clean!).
  • use sparingly. dab more on areas which are prone to redness.
so what about you, ladies? what's your favorite corrector/primer?


i think most of you are aware of what happened here in the Philippines during the weekend. A lot have many lives have been wasted.

Please take time to pray for those who got affected by the typhoon. Let's try to help in every way we can.

I admire those who have reached out...and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts. It's overwhelming to know that at times like these, people from all walks of life would help those who are in need. I just wish that we won't need a calamity like this one for people to help each other. we are all brothers and sisters anyway...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

what have i been up to?

i know i've been MIA for quite some time now...i do hope you understand though. i'll be back to my normal blogging activity soon :)

so what's new with me?

well, i have a new job and i started just this week. i am thankful that i was able to get this job and hopefully i get settled in a few more days.

and another thing...


more pics soon...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, SHEN!

to our dearest SHEN,

enjoy your big day sis...i hope to see you soon, let's have a post-bday celebration of your birthday and my...ehem ehem. =)

miss you, sis! muaaaaaah!

Playing with Makeup: Angst

hiyee...i'm glad that i was finally able to play with makeup once again. though this time, it's different from my previous sessions. if the previous ones have been inspirations from a MAC collection or something cutesy, this one would be about the emotional turmoil i've been thru for the past weeks.

i was feeling angry and it's only hate that i can feel during those times. i wanted to take the negative vibes off my chest so i decided to express what i feel thru makeup...hence the dark (and emo-like) outcome.

but don't worry ladies, the hatred i felt is all gone now. i'm back to my old self again :)




i want to break free

mad..really mad!

i hope you like it!


Monday, September 14, 2009

a bit of shopping...

finally had time to do a bit of shopping for some essentials:

geesh, would you believe this already costs Php7k? tsk!

my baby also checking out my loots..he's probably wondering if i got something for him. and i did! i bought him colognes LOL

some items i've been dying to try...i've tested them at the counters and i think they are worth trying out.

watch out for reviews :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Let us fight the big "C"

life itself is such a mystery.

growing up, i had a lot of questions running in my head. i myself have encountered a lot of obstacles in my life and is still continuing with the battle. i would often ask, "why is life so unfair?"

and when i got the chance to (sort of) meet MIO online..i once again asked the same question.

(please click on the pic to go to the site and learn more about MIO and his fight against CANCER with his mom)

now, i am wondering again...there's no way an innocent child, full of dreams and love deserve to be sick like this. to be raised by a single parent is unfair already (i myself grew up without a dad), how much more to be sick with the big "C."

but then again, God won't give us anything we can't handle. He has ways that we may not often understand, but truly HE has reasons for everything.

I admire Mio's mom for being so strong...and for fighting this "bitch" together with her child. I admire those people who shower them love and support during these times they need it the most.

Now it's time for us to do our part. Let us help MIO fight this bitch known as Cancer. Please share this to everyone you know...and let us all help in every way we can.

To Mio, be strong and always believe that God will take those OWIEs away. Do not let Cancer take away your dreams. We'll be praying for you.

To Jasmine, stay strong and do not give up. Cancer can't do a lot of things...we can.
Hang in there.

God bless us all.

our newest baby...

yep, i'm not into family planning. LOL!

let me introduce you to our newest family member, MAK, short for MAKISIG (handsome/gallant):

got this a month ago from X, who got tired of me complaining endlessly on how it is to get a cab especially when you need them the most. i had to enroll 2x in a driving school to win his trust that i can survive driving in the metro without getting hurt, more so hurting somebody else.

Yvette, Mom and MAC

i had to conceal my plate...well, i don't want you to freak out in case you see me on the road near you after telling you stories bout my driving boo-boos. LOL!

Product Review: Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Powder

An instant brightening powder, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acid, vitamins A & E with Nano-coating, to lighten dark eye circles.

Instruction: Apply after Salmon Dark Circle Concealer. Apply an appropriate amount of powder around the eyes with the enclosed puff, as well as on skin where brightening is needed.

i told you, i won't stop til i get the entire Salmon line from Skinfood! unfortunately, after a month, i was only able to get myself the dark circle powder. two more items to go...whew!

what i like:
  • cute packaging. i must admit, i am such a sucker for cute packaging...this is the first thing that i get to notice, so when a promising item has a "blah" packaging, i tend to ignore it unless i get to read good reviews. yep, kinda judgmental when it comes to product packaging (don't be like me! hahaha)
  • brightening. unlike other undereye setting powders which tend to give you a flat look, this one gives the illusion of bright undereyes. and this means, more rested, awake look
  • this shade (which i think is the only shade) can be used on different skin tones. it may look light but i've used it on my medium to medium-deep skinned clients and it works just fine
  • no allergic reactions. i've been using it everyday :)
  • doesn't make my undereyes dry. i've tried some s etting powders which give me dry and flaky undereyes after a few hours. this one doesn't!
  • really good in setting ANY undereye concealer. on myself, i've been using the salmon concealer but on my clients, i use other brands and it works just fine. no caking no matter how much you've applied. but trust me, a little amount works wonders so don't mind wasting the product by putting on too much

powder swatch

skinfood concealer swatch (left) and powder swatch (right)

concealer now set with the powder

what i hate:
  • the size. i wish it comes with a bigger tub just to make sure that i won't be running out of it anytime soon
  • some would set their concealer using a brush, with this product, i would suggest using a puff. it does come with a puff but of course, you would have to use a different puff when you'll use this on clients.
on myself, i the puff that comes with it but i make sure that the powder is spread evenly on the puff before patting it on my skin. this is to avoid ending up with little circles on your undereyes when you used the puff right after opening.

on clients, i tap a sufficient amount of powder on a tissue then use a different puff. a sponge can work great too!

  • just like with any other undereye product, make sure that your undereyes are well moisturized before patting on a concealer and setting it with a powder
  • again, pat pat pat this product on your undereyes. this is to ensure good coverage and of course, patting is a lot more gentle than swiping!
geesh, i have two more salmon products to get...i wish it's Xmas soon for i'd be definitely putting them on my wish list for the holidays! hahaha


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