Wednesday, September 2, 2009


i am loving my MAC tricolor lipglass in Tasty that i use it almost everyday...

until one day, i accidentally dropped it and now it looks like this:


i really hate myself for being so clumsy...i remember breaking a number of powder compacts before.

can you please help me save my lipglass? is there something i can do so i can continue to use it?



CherryColors said...

Well store it into another container. As in new contact lenses container.. D:!

Jem said... sorry to hear that.
that hasn't happened to me yet, but maybe you can just tranfer it to another container.

you can get all of the products by sealing the top/opening with a plastic, then turn it upside down to get all of it...drain it, then transfer it to another container.

If you would actually want to really get ALL of it, i suggest you put it on a glass of hot water so that the product would settle at the bottom, then cut the top so that you could scrape everything.

in cleaning empty gloss container, you can do the same, turn it upside down while submerged in the hot water to clean it off..when everything is removed, then squirt makeup remover (make sure it doesn't have oil on it!), swirl it to get rid of all the residue. rinse it with soap & water, let it dry & transfer it

sorry for the long post..hehe

Jem said...

excess: (i forgot to add)
chanel glossimer's packaging is also like the tri-colour lipglass,right?
in a square container

maybe you can just transfer it there..if you have it. so that you won't feel bad every time you use/see it on a different container

All About Paranormal said...

Ok, you need an injector,which you can buy it from a drugstore, than buy a cheap brand of lipgloss, take out all the gloss in the cheap one than byy the help of the injector transfer your mac gloss to the empty gloss tube....

or transfer it to a container, by the help of an injector

Anonymous said...

Arghh that's so sad! I was gonna say something stupid like stick the lid back on but after reading the other comments, I'd better shut up!

Maui (Suushh) said...

Awww :/

haha me too I was going to say tape it? but thats not very sanitary. I think the suggestions above are great.

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