Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I AM BACK + my 72-color neutral palette EOTD...

geesh, it seriously feels like i haven't been blogging for ages. i definitely missed blogging, and of course, i miss you ladies as much!

anyways, i am back...and i hope i get back to blogging mood again. it's been weeks since i last posted here and would you believe i haven't been putting on much makeup like i've used to? i think i am losing my makeup mojo again for i have to remove my eye makeup twice before finally settling...still not satisfied with the outcome though. ugh.

and for my first eotd after a long hiatus, i used my 72-color palette that i got from ebay. please bear with me, i know i messed up with my blending. i hope to get back to my makeup mojo soon!

colors i used

and here's MAC...he's already 5mos old. i again treated my baby for icecream and cake for his 5th month bday (will post pics soon)...and we are excited to celebrate his first birthday next year. we are cooking up some sort of a birthday party, of course!

X went back to UAE last Saturday...and i am missing him like crazy. now i am counting the days again until he gets back here next year. sniff...i've gained more than 8 pounds for eating like a pig when he was here, i hate it but if it means having a meal with my beloved X, i won't mind gaining more.

1 comment:

Liza! said...

you are glowing, sis. :-)

yay! very very cute pooch.

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