Wednesday, September 30, 2009

i got lucky...

to all those who are in the Philippines, where were you when the typhoon struck our country?

i got lucky that i was out of town for a gig, or else i'd be at home, crying over our car drenched in a waist-deep floodwater. To think that i was having second thoughts of going to that out-of-town gig...but despite of the bad weather, and still hesitant, i went there with my partners. we were actually complaining during the entire trip about how bad the weather is and even planned on going back to the city right after the gig to do something else. but my car got stuck in the mud and we had a hard time getting it out of it, til we decided to just stay for the night.

and then we were able to watch the tv bout how bad the flood is...we were shocked. i called the guard of the place where I'm living and they did ask me not to go home because of the waist-deep flood. i almost cried out of shock. family and friends started calling and texting me asking where i am, for they knew that my place is flooded at that time.

i got really lucky...i know.

but most people didn't. and i feel bad that I've been complaining bout the power and water outage when i finally got home...when a lot of people haven't been able to eat and drink for more than a day already. i felt ashamed that i've been complaining bout a lot of things not worth complaining about, when there are people who were left with nothing.

good thing, there are still a lot of people who are willing to help in any way they can. i've been reading a lot of things like how people from all parts of the world are trying to collect donations. at times like these, we tend to feel like we are all brothers and sisters and that we need to help one another. i just wish that we can be like this all the time...and not just during disasters.

my dear readers, let us try to help in every way we can. there are a lot of things that we can do: send donations in cash, or in-kind, be volunteers in repacking the donations and delivering them to the affected areas...or we can pray. prayers can do a lot of things. let us pray that our brothers and sisters would be able to recover from their loss...let us pray that this won't happen again (there are 2 more typhoons coming our way this week... :<) and let us pray that those who got lucky would do something to extend their "luck" to our less lucky brothers and sisters.

thanks dearies for taking time to read this post...

GOD bless us all.


Jamilla Camel said...

Your look is beautiful!

I am really happy that you were away when the floods struck!

Gracie said...

Oh sis, I couldn't bare to watch it on the news. It was tragic! I'm so glad that you are safe and the rest of our friends. One of my coleague's brother has not been lucky that he became one of the victims. I pray for those who have lost their lives and hope for recovery to those who have been fortunate enough who have survived that they may all recover from their loss sooner than later. God bless you for your effort to help those who have survived. Take care sis xxx

Unknown said...

True, a lot loss more than us. Me and my family were really blessed, turns out we are living uphill, I really didn't know that until my father told me about our location and that's why the baranggay before us is called Paang Bundok, I used to laugh about the name because it doesn't sound good, but now I appreciate why they call it Paang Bundok.

Facebook and Twitter became tools to spread the word and announce the people who need help. Hope people would continue to spread the word and help if they know that the place is quite near them.

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