Sunday, September 13, 2009

Let us fight the big "C"

life itself is such a mystery.

growing up, i had a lot of questions running in my head. i myself have encountered a lot of obstacles in my life and is still continuing with the battle. i would often ask, "why is life so unfair?"

and when i got the chance to (sort of) meet MIO online..i once again asked the same question.

(please click on the pic to go to the site and learn more about MIO and his fight against CANCER with his mom)

now, i am wondering again...there's no way an innocent child, full of dreams and love deserve to be sick like this. to be raised by a single parent is unfair already (i myself grew up without a dad), how much more to be sick with the big "C."

but then again, God won't give us anything we can't handle. He has ways that we may not often understand, but truly HE has reasons for everything.

I admire Mio's mom for being so strong...and for fighting this "bitch" together with her child. I admire those people who shower them love and support during these times they need it the most.

Now it's time for us to do our part. Let us help MIO fight this bitch known as Cancer. Please share this to everyone you know...and let us all help in every way we can.

To Mio, be strong and always believe that God will take those OWIEs away. Do not let Cancer take away your dreams. We'll be praying for you.

To Jasmine, stay strong and do not give up. Cancer can't do a lot of things...we can.
Hang in there.

God bless us all.

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