Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Playing with Makeup: Angst

hiyee...i'm glad that i was finally able to play with makeup once again. though this time, it's different from my previous sessions. if the previous ones have been inspirations from a MAC collection or something cutesy, this one would be about the emotional turmoil i've been thru for the past weeks.

i was feeling angry and it's only hate that i can feel during those times. i wanted to take the negative vibes off my chest so i decided to express what i feel thru makeup...hence the dark (and emo-like) outcome.

but don't worry ladies, the hatred i felt is all gone now. i'm back to my old self again :)




i want to break free

mad..really mad!

i hope you like it!



Pammy said...

I like the last shot the most. :P Pretty color combination :D

Tish said...

Gotta love the third full face shot. There's so much going on in that photo.

Jamilla Camel said...


You're so creative!

Kay said...

super fierce! i love it.. :)

great to see your uber colorful EOTD/FOTDs again sweetie..

it just shows off your true talent!

Anonymous said...

Super creative! <3

AskMeWhats said...

wow..girl..you always look sweet..with this one, you made this a totally "new" and different look, love your creativity!

YingX said...

i'm glad you are feeling all better now. i love the right eye with the black tears

Unknown said...

This would be really pretty for halloween :) I love it!

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

I love it!!

Unknown said...

Real cute pics.

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