Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Product Review: The Face Shop Professional Makeup Base (Green)

Professional Makeup Base (GREEN)

Oil-free, non-sticky makeup base helps skin banish unwanted shine for fresh makeup. Green neutralizes redness and evens out skin tone.

Php375 for a 40ml tube
(forgot the exact price, feel free to correct me in case i'm wrong)

I bought a couple of green correctors before (powder and liquid types) but never really liked it. It's either i cake like crazy afterwards or i get a hard time trying not to look like a green monster after applying it. So when i really started to use primers, i'd prefer those clear ones. And in case i would want to cover any signs of redness, i just use concealers. But of course, i really need to neutralize the redness first, right? So, this product is really heaven-sent :)

what i like:
  • no funky smell
  • no allergic reactions. been using this almost everyday and i don't get any itchiness or whatsoever
  • gives a dewy finish...not too shiny, not too matte
  • really neutralizes the redness so you'll have a brighter face after putting on foundation. it really makes a difference to have this on, than to just directly apply foundation on your face
  • creamy consistency makes it easy to blend and doesn't feel heavy at all
  • cheap as compared to other brands...and it works as well, if not better
  • pores are less visible
  • foundation doesn't cake even you have this underneath
  • provides you with a smooth canvass for your foundation
  • you won't look like a green monster if you've applied too much!
  • a little goes a long way, so this 40ml tube would last me for months. i had mine for almost 2mos, been using it almost everyday.

no primer - with primer - with primer + mineral foundation

what i hate:
  • no spf. If you want the one with the spf, TFS has the Phytogenic primer but much more expensive
  • makes you oily if you apply too much. so just use a tiny bit and spread evenly on your face


  • you can apply this using a brush, but i prefer applying it with my fingers (make sure they are clean!).
  • use sparingly. dab more on areas which are prone to redness.
so what about you, ladies? what's your favorite corrector/primer?


i think most of you are aware of what happened here in the Philippines during the weekend. A lot have suffered...so many lives have been wasted.

Please take time to pray for those who got affected by the typhoon. Let's try to help in every way we can.

I admire those who have reached out...and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts. It's overwhelming to know that at times like these, people from all walks of life would help those who are in need. I just wish that we won't need a calamity like this one for people to help each other. we are all brothers and sisters anyway...


♥ mia said...

i have this primer too.

the one thing i dont like about is that it tends to make my face too white if i put a tad too much.

kelangan super konti lng lagay

Miss Shopcoholic said...

i used this primer before, it tends to leave a whitish cast esp in photos, and true, oily nga if too much paglalagay.. =)

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

i wanna try! looks good. :)

Nikki said...

thanks for the review! i might buy one tomorrow :)

Pao de SWP said...

Hello! I just discovered your blog, I was about to buy this primer but I wasnt sure if it was going to work, so this really helped, thanks!

It is so sad what happened in Philippines..I hope survivors recieve help ASAP, the heart of many people in Spain is with the affected.

aestheticallysavvy said...

i always wanted to buy this, i am glad to chance upon a review from a reputable MUA like you :)

Anonymous said...

meron ako nito pero di nagagamit kasi diko alam pno b dapat hehe, ok lang din ba gmitin to under bb cream?
muntik ko na maitapon yung sa akin buti nalang may review ka pla nito, thanks for sharing sis=)

Iambrigitte said...

hi aiyoh, yeah you can put this under bb cream. just blend blend blend and let it stay for a good 3-5mins before applying your bb.


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