Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Product Review: Shu Uemura UV Armor High Protection Sun Protector Face Cream

It's been raining non-stop for days now here but that's no excuse to skip wearing sunblock. I must admit, i used to hate wearing one because of the greasiness and the white cast it leaves on pictures.

I remember posting my HG sunblock months ago, but it won't hurt to have another one, eh?

I was lucky to have the chance to try out this sunblock from Shu Uemura. I gave it to my mom thinking that i must stay away from using too expensive stuff so i'll be saved a lot of moolah just in case i get used to it. Besides, i already found my HG and mom would love getting this one. She loves Shu and Shiseido stuff!

But one day during my stay in the province, i realized that i forgot my sunblock so i had to get some from mom. I saw this and tried it. Immediately upon application, i knew...this is LOVE. :)

what i love:

  • the scent. it doesn't smell like the other sunblocks i've used
  • not greasy at all! i just dunno with the other variant with SPF50. but i am such an oil mine and this one doesn't aggravate it.
  • lightweight and gets easily absorbed by the skin. unlike other sunblocks, this one melts right into your skin. skin feels refreshed and smooth. imho, this can work as a great primer too!
  • i didn't get any allergies or any harsh reactions
  • a little goes a long way. the consistency is liquid-y but you'll know when you're covered enough...my mom have been using it for more than 2 mos (and i use it when i get home...now i regret giving it to her...lol!) and we're not even close to finishing up the bottle.
  • the packaging. i find the square-ish packaging sleek and cute. the spout also makes sure that you don't waste the product

what i hate:
  • expensive. it sells for Php2200 for a small 40ml container
  • leaves a whitish cast on the skin...but it goes away after a bit.

aside from those two, i have no other reason to stop me from getting myself my own UV armor. and this time, i won't be handing it over to mom....LOL!

okay, okay...i'll get her one too...(smirks)


Soapaholic said...

Now I want one.:)

jamie said...

visit cheapstopshop.multiply.com we are selling cheap Shu Uemura stuff. :)

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