Sunday, September 13, 2009

Product Review: Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Powder

An instant brightening powder, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acid, vitamins A & E with Nano-coating, to lighten dark eye circles.

Instruction: Apply after Salmon Dark Circle Concealer. Apply an appropriate amount of powder around the eyes with the enclosed puff, as well as on skin where brightening is needed.

i told you, i won't stop til i get the entire Salmon line from Skinfood! unfortunately, after a month, i was only able to get myself the dark circle powder. two more items to go...whew!

what i like:
  • cute packaging. i must admit, i am such a sucker for cute packaging...this is the first thing that i get to notice, so when a promising item has a "blah" packaging, i tend to ignore it unless i get to read good reviews. yep, kinda judgmental when it comes to product packaging (don't be like me! hahaha)
  • brightening. unlike other undereye setting powders which tend to give you a flat look, this one gives the illusion of bright undereyes. and this means, more rested, awake look
  • this shade (which i think is the only shade) can be used on different skin tones. it may look light but i've used it on my medium to medium-deep skinned clients and it works just fine
  • no allergic reactions. i've been using it everyday :)
  • doesn't make my undereyes dry. i've tried some s etting powders which give me dry and flaky undereyes after a few hours. this one doesn't!
  • really good in setting ANY undereye concealer. on myself, i've been using the salmon concealer but on my clients, i use other brands and it works just fine. no caking no matter how much you've applied. but trust me, a little amount works wonders so don't mind wasting the product by putting on too much

powder swatch

skinfood concealer swatch (left) and powder swatch (right)

concealer now set with the powder

what i hate:
  • the size. i wish it comes with a bigger tub just to make sure that i won't be running out of it anytime soon
  • some would set their concealer using a brush, with this product, i would suggest using a puff. it does come with a puff but of course, you would have to use a different puff when you'll use this on clients.
on myself, i the puff that comes with it but i make sure that the powder is spread evenly on the puff before patting it on my skin. this is to avoid ending up with little circles on your undereyes when you used the puff right after opening.

on clients, i tap a sufficient amount of powder on a tissue then use a different puff. a sponge can work great too!

  • just like with any other undereye product, make sure that your undereyes are well moisturized before patting on a concealer and setting it with a powder
  • again, pat pat pat this product on your undereyes. this is to ensure good coverage and of course, patting is a lot more gentle than swiping!
geesh, i have two more salmon products to get...i wish it's Xmas soon for i'd be definitely putting them on my wish list for the holidays! hahaha



Shen said...

OMG.. you're making me want this more and more! nope... not giving in. wish that santa will give me this though for xmas! :)

Crystal Gale said...

Is this better than MMU undereye brighteners like BE well rested? hehe you make me want to get this already enabled me to get the concealer haha I'm doomed! ^_^

Crystal said...

you're enabling me! i passed on the concealer but i want to get this!

AskMeWhats said...

I have a feeling the Salmon line will go "poof" gone! after you enabled everyone! LOL

Unknown said...

Wow! It works good like the cordyceps powder. Thanks

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