Friday, October 30, 2009



The following images have been caused by the trauma and stress that the recent accident has brought me. Please bear with me.

and the worst:

(makeup inspired by MissChievous' Corpse Bride)


Saturday, October 24, 2009

what a way to spend a Friday night...

"i love Fridays!" this is what i told myself when i got off from work. not because, i'll be out on a gimmick or party with friends but because i'd finally be able to relax after a week of working. not to mention have the chance to sleep for more than 3-4 hrs that i usually get during weekdays.

me and my friend Nimfa were on our way home but decided to grab a bite first. we were on our usual chatting mood, and both of us looking forward to spending a stress-free and relaxed weekend when something happened that none of us could have expected.

my car on the right. the car on the left came from the opposite direction, but instead of going straight, he headed towards us

my car on the right

we were on a full stop when we saw a car from the opposite lane coming towards us. when i saw it, i was thinking "where the hell is this car going???" i didn't had the chance to move out of the way since we were stucked: a car in front, a car on my right side, a car behind me and moving cars on my left going the opposite direction.

i felt so helpless and 'twas like my heart stopped the car approaches us, i noticed that there's nobody driving. WTH!

and then, BAM!

i immediately checked on my friend and tried to remove my seatbelt (thank God we always wear seatbelts!) to get out of the car. honestly, my hands were trembling that i literally struggled to get my seatbelts off me. i was choking, almost crying and i can really feel the rush of blood going up my head.

when i was finally able to get out, i checked on my car and almost fell on my knees when i saw the damage:

then i saw who was driving the other car. apparently, he dropped his phone inside his car and so he ducked his head to look for it...and yeah, he was still stepping on the gas with the steering wheel turned to the left instead of straight!

honestly, i wanted to slap him and tell him how stupid he is. he can get us killed just because he dropped his phone inside his car? geesh, i really think he's one of those who shouldn't be allowed to drive.

my car on the left

i only had my car for barely 3 months. being a gift from my husband (who was then my boyfriend when he got me this) and knowing how much he sacrificed to get me one, i try to be very careful with it. i may not be a good driver, but definitely i am not one of those who would put somebody else's life in danger while on the road. no matter how tired, or sleepy i am...i focus on my driving all the time to make sure that i am safe and those who are with me in the car as well.

yes, i have a comprehensive car insurance...but the inconvenience this stupid accident has brought me can't be covered...also the stress and the trauma this has brought me and to my friend.

i wonder why there are people who can be so unmindful of others' safety while on the road. they act as if they own the street and so they can do whatever they want, whenever they please. and yes, now i know that being a good driver isn't really enough to be safe on the road. there will be others out there who will just bring you harm just because they left their common sense at home and then went out driving.

up to now, the thought of the accident still makes me shiver. what if we died on the crash? what if we were also on the move? that would have caused much more impact. lives could've been wasted just because somebody was too impatient go to a full stop on the side of the street and look for his phone.

stupid. really stupid.

i hope this would be a reminder to everybody who drives...never, ever use your phone while driving...and most especially do not duck your head and look for something while on the road. it's not only your life you are putting at risk but also others as well.

and please, do not leave your common sense and go out driving.

thanks for those who have left me messages on my facebook. we are fine...but still shocked. and yeah, my car got really messed up. it won't start anymore so we had to have it towed and be brought somewhere. i almost cried when i saw it being towed last night. i really took care of it, then someone, obviously out of his mind just came out of nowhere and caused a lot of damage.

the accident happened past 8pm, and we stayed in the municipal hall until past midnight. good thing my husband's friends came to help us out. i couldn't imagine being alone and not knowing what to do.


but of course, what's important is that we are still alive. the car can get fixed/replaced, but i don't think our lives can.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

ALERT: MAC Style Black is coming....

finally, MAC Style Black is coming here in the Philippines and will be launched this coming Saturday, October 24.

i love BLACK...actually, i love anything dark :) i haven't decided yet what else to get from this collection, but i have my eyes on that black lippie. don't worry, i won't be wearing that at work. LOL!

how about you? is there anything you'd like to get your hands on from this collection? i honestly want to get some of the MES and that volcanic ash exfoliator, but nahhh...maybe not. or maybe yes...hahaha!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

still alive and kicking...

yes ladies, yours truly is still alive. i know i haven't been able to update my blog or even reply to your emails asking for some product info and requests, i am truly sorry for that. work has been crazy and will be worse in the following weeks to come. i miss blogging...and i miss getting updates from you as well.

but i will try to update as much as i can. geesh, this new work of mine is ruining my social life...hahaha! i hardly get enough sleep during weekdays as i have to be up before 6am if i want to make it to work on time (and i ALWAYS fail). i chat with X when he gets home from work around 7pm (his time) which is around 11pm my time. and yeah, i'd rather miss sleep than miss my husband...cheesy, LOL! so the earliest time i go to bed would be 2-ish in the morning.

and that means, my terrible eyebags and dark undereye circles are back...with a vengeance. yaiks! oh well..i try to catch up with my sleep during the weekends. i feel like a hermit...i am totally out of the loop nowadays. (sigh)

anyways, here's a few pics taken 2 weeks ago when i went home to my family back in the province. i miss my husband so much and it's so hard to be coming home alone with nobody least, my baby MAC is here with me now.

with my sisters...LOL!

goofy me and sam...and mac's still being uptight LOL!

MAC's so big now...

yeah, i'm getting bigger too..

i miss you ladies! i hope to get back to my usual blogging soon...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My New Love: NYX lipsticks and lipglosses

i know i am SO behind in this one...but hey, it's better late than never huh!

today, i finally got hold of the raved round lipsticks from NYX. I was so ecstatic, that i swatched them as soon as i got home. again, i am not into lipsticks but this one might change that :)

lovely swatches

and now, on my lips:

don't mind my wrinkly lips...i was so excited that i didn't bother to make sure that i have applied it evenly on my lips. LOL

but, they are really pretttyyyy!

i am more into lipbalms and i didn't pass on grabbing a few of NYX Megashine lipglosses:


and again, on my (wrinkly) lips:

what else can i say? well, i am officially inlove with NYX lipsticks and glosses.
geesh, i want more!
watch out for a thorough review...soon!

and i have good news for y'all...for those here in the Phils, you now have the chance to grab these items (and more) for a much lower price and items are already on hand, so no need to wait!

check this out:

(click on the picture to go to seller's website)

so what are you waiting for? hurry up and place your orders now...


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Product Review: L'oreal Infallible Long Wear Lip Duo Compact

Discover the 1st longwear lip duo compact from L'Oréal Paris

L'oreal Infallible Long Wear Lip Duo Compact

Infallible lip colour lasts up to 16 hours and is captured in a unique mirrored compact case.
Comes in 3 shades

Click 1:
L'oreal Infallible Lip Duo Compact seals in colour even after eating and drinking.
No transfer.
No feathering.

Click 2:
The L'oreal Infallible Lip Duo Compact balm locks in moisture for added comfort and shine.
In just two clicks, Infallible colour and comfort that lasts up to 16 hours!

To apply:

Click 1:
Apply non-transfer colour to clean lips.
Allow to dry for 1 minute without rubbing, eating or drinking.

Click 2:
Apply conditioning balm for comfort and shine.
Reapply the balm as often as you like throughout the day.

Lipcolor - Lipbalm

L-R: Lipcolor, Lipbalm

lipbalm applied over lipcolor

I am not a lipstick person. Whenever i have lipstick on, i lick or bite my lips and just won't stop. It's my worst habit. I used to bite my nails and good thing i've outgrown it...but this one? i don't think it would go away soon.

But of course, i would love to have a nice color on my lips most especially during special occasions and there's plenty of picture taking involved. A friend once told me that i should get a lip tattoo, so there would be no need to color my lips. it would be nice, but the thought of getting hundreds of pricks makes me nauseous, so nah...scrap that suggestion. LOL!

and so when this infallible lipcolor from L'oreal came out of the market...i just knew i had to get one.
(thanks mom for being such an angel and getting me this)

what i love:
  • it's true to its is definitely long wearing! i am not sure exactly how many hours (this promises 16hrs) for i usually take off my makeup after 10-12hrs max but this one really last! i applied it 8am, had lunch, had a number of drinks and still have it on around 6pm! there is definitely no need to worry about having weird lipstick lines and dull're assured of a nice lip color all day long.
  • the shade i use (Rose Tattoo) is my kind of shade. not too light, not too dark. it's like my MLBB kind of lipstick
  • the packaging. the color tube and the balm tube in one cutey, sleek handy case
  • no need to dig in to your makeup case for a mirror for the outside of the case can be used as one! yep, it's clear and not like those blurry compact cases
  • no need for touch ups. the lipcolor really stays put and to give it a fresh look after a few hours, all you need to do is apply the gloss/balm and it would like you've just applied your lipstick
  • no flaking. i tried using something similar to this from another brand and i ended up with flaky lips after a few hours
  • doesn't feel heavy on the lips
  • non-sticky feel

what i hate:

  • can be drying...but that's what the balm is for. you can reapply as much and as many times as you want without the sticky feel
  • you can't re-apply the lipcolor once you have the gloss on, so make sure you've applied it properly
  • takes a bit of more time since after applying the lipcolor, you have to wait for a minute before applying the gloss. you have to make sure that the color is already dry.
  • hard to remove (but of course, it is designed to stay put--toink!) but with a makeup remover, it's a breeze
  • kinda expensive..priced at Php900 (hmmm, please correct me if i'm wrong) and costs as much, if not higher than MAC. but for a lipstick that would last you almost a day? this is a great deal, IMHO.
  • limited shades, at least here in the Philippines where there are only 3 shades available. (Red, light pink and Rose Tattoo -- not sure of the exact shade names of the first two)
  • i hate the fact that i would run out of the gloss first...i wish they would come up with a separate tube for the gloss though

lipcolor applied

lipcolor + lipgloss applied

  • i know that most of us women likes to apply our lipcolor using a lip brush, but trust me, this one is better off applied straight from the tube.
  • make sure you apply the color fast. as this one dries up fast and you'd end up with a flaky mess should you try to re-apply
  • must wait at least a minute after lipcolor before applying gloss
  • do not apply lip moisturizer before the lipcolor, so for those who are used to that...this one might not be for you

would i buy again?

you bet i will.
this is my HG lipcolor/gloss as of the moment. I just love not having to re-apply hour after hour.

this had been in the market for quite some time now. have you tried it? if yes, did you like it? or it's just a waste of money?

i hope to hear from you :)

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