Thursday, December 3, 2009

Inti-mate Bra Converter...

are you one of those ladies who hate wearing strapless bras?

well, i am one of them. i just can't seem to find the right size for those strapless ones. so what do i do? well, i settle for VBS! yeah...Visible Bra Straps!

yeah...that's me, alright. see those straps!?

totally disgusting, huh. to think it was one of the most important days of my wedding!

i know i need not to pout like that to look silly...for i already am (for letting my straps show off like hoo!)

so ladies, what do we hate bout strapless bras? for me, i hate pulling up my bra whenever i feel like it's slipping/falling. geesh, who would want to have bras ending up on their waists anyways? also, i can't seem to find the right size for this purpose.

i thought i'd settle for this VBS, until i met the Inti-mate Bra Converter.

Inti-Mate is the perfect bra accessory that can prevent loose or falling straps, and instantly convert your conventional bra into a racerback bra – no more awkward visible straps while wearing sexy tops, and even sportswear!
Inti-Mate also gives you added support, as it gives you the effect of a push-up bra – instant support, cleavage, and confidence!Say goodbye to sports bra’s that flatten our curves! Inti-Mate also gives you a sports bra look, with added support, and cleavage – no trade-offs over here! Inti-Mate also improves posture as it acts like a sports bra that helps you straighten up and prevent slouching.
Also, get to recycle your old bra’s with support in a clip!Inti-Mate comes in the form of a very feminine floral shape, that is to be clipped on both your bra straps. It comes a pack of three colors – black, nude, and transparent – adding a minimalist touch to your intimate wear.

Inti-Mate is effective and economical – you get to make your bra work for you however you want it, and you get the effect of a converted bra ( racerback, or cross-style bra ) for a fraction of the price of a racerback, or sports bra!

Price : P 250.00 per pack


• push-up function
• transforms the normal bra into a racerback or sports bra• hides unsightly bra straps while wearing racerback tops• prevents bra straps from cutting into your shoulders• creates cleavage and curves

With so much uses, benefits, and savings , Inti-Mate Bra Converter is every girl’s dream product. It’s the perfect bra add-on! Also, it’s the perfect gift for your friends, and family. They will surely love this product as much as you do!

i make sure i wear this whenever needed and it never disappoints me. it's easy to use, comfortable and not to mention, affordable.

i know i won't be able to go back on my civil wedding day..but i am sure i will no longer be caught with those VBS ever again.

to get yours, click here.



Janelle said...

i need this!

shatzlaine said...

hehe, am guilty of the VBS too,.

Miss Shopcoholic said...

me three! haha..

Unknown said...

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Caby said...

" i hate pulling up my bra whenever i feel like it's slipping/falling" - Hahaha this made me laugh because I always try to do this discreetly nakakahiya haha

Iambrigitte said...

hahaha, this really is a good buy sisters :)

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