Friday, November 6, 2009

MAC Magic, Mirth, and Mischief Holiday 2009

Hold your breath (and wallets) ladies...the awaited MAC Holiday collection 2009 has arrived!

MUA Carlos of MAC Shang

MAC Holiday Collection '09

lip, eyeshadow (Php2800) and face (Php3050) palettes

lip/eye kits (Php2800)

travel sized brush sets (Php3800)

pigment and lipgloss sets (Php2100)

i don't really check on upcoming MAC collections that will be released unless they are already here. so when Sol told me that this year's holiday collection is already available, i was like "so? is there anything that is worth getting?" she then sent me some links featuring the collection, and the first thing i said was "packaging is so cute!"

(yeah, i can be that superficial LOL)

I seriously want to get all the eyeshadow palettes, one pigment set and though i've seen a lot of bad reviews about the brush sets, i still wanted to get one. why? because of the pouch that comes with it!

but yeah, i need to keep myself from buying too much makeup that i might just end up not using. so, though i am lusting over the uber-cute pouches and those LE shades of e/s, i ended up just getting these:

Hocus Focus Colorful Face kit and Mystic Cool eyeshadow kit

yey, Back 2 MAC it says!
thanks but no thanks...i am keeping my cute palettes and won't let go even if i used them all up

see, would you have the heart to let go of these?

Hocus Focus colorful face kit: Pretty Baby, Sunsparked Pearl and Peachykeen

Mystic Cool eyeshadow kit: Cool Incantation, Blue Enchantment, Deep Frosted Indigo, Shhh Don't Tell, Rose Potion, Violet Vow

ohhh, it breaks my heart not being able to get more from the collection. in as much as i wanted to, i can't! i am nearly broke and i also have a recent purchase from an online buddy who got me some items from MAC in HK.

and to my delight, they have arrived as well!

15pc e/s palette and e/s refills

it's my first time to see MAC e/s refills. transferring them to a palette is very much need to go thru the taxing method of depotting and yes, it comes with a magnet and a sticker indicating its shade:

the downside is, you won't be able to get yourself a free lipstick after depotting 6 e/s pans.
(see, you can't have everything really!)

my 3rd MAC palette with my e/s shades
Top to bottom, L-R: All That Glitters, Coppering, Pink Freeze, Sketch and Wedge


now, i would've to depot my other 5 e/s pans.
Five more pans to go and my 3rd MAC palette is complete!


I still wish an angel would hear my wish to get the remaining e/s kits from this collection..and maybe at least one brush set too?

how about you, anything you like in this collection? or you'd be saying pass and just wait for the upcoming collections?

(thanks to Sol for the MAC collection pics)


Caby said...

Wowwww I am drooling right now :) Super MAC Haul :) Like you I want everything from the holiday collection. I am torn too I want to fill up my second MAC Palette. This sadly is breaking my bank and pocket just thinking about it :)

Unknown said...

Oohh Carlos is amazing. He's one of my favourite MAC artists - he's really nice and approachable. I was able to take a look at this collection earlier today, but I was really surprised at how eyeshadow and face sets were!! They were tiny! And I did not like that. I went away with Mayhem (gold eyeshadow) MES and Baby Sparks dazzleglass, but the purple MES and Jingle Jangle also caught my eye. =) I love your eyeshadow haul! Those colours are super-wearable xx Livia

* Jen * said...

ohh.. i like!! thanks for the heads up! =D nice mac haul! i'm planning on getting an eyeshadow palette and something else, but i'll wait til i get my Christmas bonus.

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