Wednesday, November 11, 2009

my weekend loot...

thanks to mom who attended their annual fitness convention, i spent the entire weekend in a hotel room, left with nothing to do but sleep, eat, watch tv and soak in a bubble bath. i was kidding mom that i am loving that kind of when it was time to check out, i was like "but i'll be missing my room!"

we had snacks at the mall and then mom decided to take a look inside Beauty Bar. i had no stuff to buy in mind but when i saw this brush, i asked mom to get it for me.

Smashbox Bent Eyeliner

i remember Smashbox to be the first brand of imported cosmetics that i got addicted to...and then i switched to MAC.

the best part of this purchase is this:

good deal, huh!?

i browsed the net for some information on my new brush but i wasn't able to find any. the bent eyeliner at their website is this one:

Apply liner like a pro with our best-selling precision brush. The same brush head as our popular EYE LINER BRUSH #8 with an ergonomic bend to conform to the shape of the eyes, providing better control and flawless application in one quick, easy stroke.

anyone who has the same brush as mine? i can't seem to find that brush online...i won't think that it's fake since i got it Beauty Bar. i also haven't tried it yet.


and yeah, i'm such a good girl for not buying anything else...and the price i paid for (i mean mom has paid for) is just great!

i'm just not sure if i can say the same thing on the weeks to come.



Unknown said...

wow I've got to get one of those! I tried my MAC fluidline today and it was a fail because I'm not used to the eyeliner brush I have; though your smashbox brush looks so similar to the pen liquid liner which I apply with a breeze...

What's the beauty bar branch you went into? =)

Caby said...

Super Deal! Hmmm this is tempting me to visit beauty bar. I love it when they have sale counters hehe :)

AskMeWhats said...

sis, this is probably a limited edition or something that wasn't saleable before due to its price! I think its not fake naman :) Yayness, ang mura!

Krys said...

Wow great bargain!

Unknown said...

hello there,

my bent liner brush is from coastal scents ( it was only US$2.oo at the time since they had a %15 discount when i purchased it (the international shipping fee was US$3.oo) so for me it was way worth it and i got it in exactly 14 days.

the one fr coastal scents is synthetic which i prefer. it's really great for gel liners.

Tara Cabullo said...

Good deal, beb! And you and your mom are so sweet :) I would have loved to go with my mother, too at a convention but she's not in the country.

Happy for you, though! :)

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