Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Previous weeks' haul...

i can hardly remember the last time i bought stuff...well, of course, basic necessities are exempted. i've been trying to avoid going to the mall to stay away from over spending, but i guess i need to de-stress a bit because of that darn accident weeks ago.

and oh, an update about it...well my car hasn't been fixed. it hasn't been started yet, and i am really beginning to lose my patience. i am on the verge of just bringing this to court and let that (stupid) guy suffer more.

i considered his offer to just let his insurance take care of this. i can use mine, but my premium would go up by next year if i do. and besides, it will only cost him a small amount for the participation fee so i opted to let his insurance pay for the damages. but it has been two weeks and still no positive response from his insurance. i am giving him until Friday (gosh, i am too patient!) to have this taken care of or else...grrr!

anyways, here's something to brighten up my day:

MAC Sculpt and Shape, MAC Studio Sculpt concealer and Majolica Majorca Lash Expander


i finally got my hands on this one after a loooonnggg time! i was able to finish my first pan (just the contouring part) and haven't been able to find other contouring shade that would suit me and most of my clients


this is a corrector/concealer in one for the undereyes!

Lash Expander. Well, this one really does the job :) and this comes with a freebie:

cute, no?

and the following stuff i got when mom came over to do some shopping:

Shiseido Supplist in Ochre 00

i bought a refill for myself then mom bought me a backup, even gave me her White Lucent foundation compact so she can buy a new one. LOL (so wise..)

looks light on me, but i am SUPER acidic that it blends with my skin after a while

freebies i got when mom got some stuff from Shu

too bad the translucent loose powder is OOS, i could've asked mom to get me one as well. boo-hoo!

generous gifts from Lancome

again, came free from Mom's purchase. she's a sucker for Lancome that she ditched her La Mer. LOL
we love the SAs at Lancome Rustan's Makati...she's so generous when it comes to freebies!

and this one i really love:


now i have 3 more Melissa pairs to get..LOL.


Chel said...

Supplist Love!!! <3

lelila said...

hmm, i sense a "today's haul" post haha!

Caby said...

How is the Studio Sculpt Concealer? which is better that or the studio finish? Ive been meaning to try it out, I really don't know how it differs from studio finish :)

Maui (Suushh) said...

Nice haul! :) Went to check thr sculpt and shape cause I was soo excited, but I didnt like the contouring shades. Looked like they wouldnt make much difference on my skin :/

Soapaholic said...

Omg I'm so envious of your haul!! I want to try Shiseido Supplist! Just waiting to finish up my foundations here.X_X

Miss Shopcoholic said...

nice haul jheng! i have that majorlica mascara, a friend gave it to me from japan! =) btw, what's your skintone pala? NC20? i havent tried concealers from the NW line..

AskMeWhats said...

I have the MAC Sculpt and shape din and I don't know what to do if i'm done with it, so I hope they come up with more of those :) you have such wonderful hauls! :)

Angela said...

hey girl

I just found you blog and love it. keep up the good work.

Shen said...

love the hauls. i have the dsquared rin. haven't used it.. so pretty.. :)

Anya said...

Great haul! Is Maybelline Cat Eyes better than MM Lash Expander Frame Plus?

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