Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Product Review: Clean & Clear Active Clear Acne Control Kit

Clean & Clear Active Clear Acne Control Kit

A UNIQUE and COMPLETE Acne Care System with 4
powerful acne-fighting technologies that work together to effectively help treat and prevent acne. for faster restoration of clear and healthy skin.

Before my review, let me tell you a story:

When Clean and Clear had its market debut years ago (and i won't even say when...LOL) I was one of those who tried their products. I remember using their wash and their toner during my younger days, and when my skin regimen was still simple. I loved their products, but as i grew older, i moved on to other products that i thought would cater better to my present skin concerns.

But there are still two products from this brand that i still use...their oil blotting paper and the daily pore scrub, both of which i love :)

When i was younger, i never had problems with acne or oily skin. I used to have normal type of skin, that rarely gets pimples. Until i started complicating my skin regimen, got exposed to pollution and of course, unhealthy living (lack of sleep, junk food, etc etc). At the age of 23, i started suffering from severe acne. I literally became a walking pimple. I started trying out a lot of products in the market...some would give temporary relief from acne, but most would aggravate my problem. Until i discovered that i am allergic to Benzoyl, that's the time when i started looking out for products with salicylic acid.

Fast forward today, i can say that i am no longer a walking pimple. I was then left with pimple scars, but good thing i found Obagi...but this is a different story. I found an HG toner that really helped me keep pimples at bay but when i ran out of it, i was lost again. I started trying out toners for the nth time and i was back to being an (almost) walking pimple again.

(click to enlarge)

Okay, i may be exaggerating...but hey, i haven't had any pimples for more than a year so to see a few bumps here and there would really make me panic. See those reddish bumps on my nose and cheeks? Those are to be-pimples ready to say hello in a matter of days. I grew tired of experimenting again so i literally stopped using anything on my face except for a mild facial wash and sunblock (and makeup!)

I had to replenish my HG toner ASAP...but no time to visit my derma in the province. Geesh, i don't want to be that walking pimple again!!!

And that's when an angel might have heard me from above.

And was given the chance to try this line from Clean&Clear:

CLEAN & CLEAR® Active Clear® Acne Control Kit has 4 powerful acne-fighting products containing salicylic acid that work together to effectively help treat and prevent acne. When used twice a day, these 4 technologies are proven to work faster and more powerfully against acne.

Active Clear Acne Control Cleanser – The first step of the acne-fighting regimen goes beyond cleansing to penetrate pores. It contains bacteria-fighting salicylic acid that calms and soothes acne-irritated skin.

Active Clear Acne Control Toner The second step is the highly functioning oil-free toner that works to reduce excess oil, which clogs pores, for effective pimple prevention. The combination of salicylic acid and natural botanical ingredients tones and balances skin.

Active Clear Acne Control Moisturizer – The third step of the regimen is the use of an oil-free moisturizer that provides a hint of moisture to soften and nourish skin, while containing a breakthrough anti-acne technology to help prevent pimples. With salicylic acid to clear and prevent acne, the natural herbal vitamin ingredients in the Active Clear Acne Control Moisturizer also nourish the skin and prevent it from drying.

Active Clear Acne Control Speed Gel – An exciting add-on to the acne-fighting regimen is a highly effective spot treatment that starts working immediately to reduce redness, pimple size and swelling in as little as 4 hours. The combination of salicylic acid and an herbal essence acne-fighting technology visibly reduces acne – fast!

I know that this brand caters to younger women with age range 12-24...but what the heck, i am young at heart anyway! :D

Let me first say that i am impressed with the packaging. It is quite different from the usual packaging that Clean&Clear is known for. I must say that their packaging helped in making their new products more convincing. I love the silver-blue combo used. (Yeah i can be this superficial...such a sucker for nice packaging!)

When i tried the facial wash, i immediately fell in love with the fresh, tingly feeling. My face had been itching like crazy that i've been fighting the urge to prick those nasty bumps but after washing my face with this, the minty cooling effect brought me relief. I got addicted that i always look forward to washing my face with this.

As for the toner, i read some reviews that it can cause too much drying. I've been cursed, errr blessed with oily (VERY) skin so i had no second thoughts in using it. Again, i love the cooling effect. I just made sure i don't use it on my neck.

see my face after toner:

As for the moisturizer, the consistency is a bit runny but it gets easily absorbed by the skin. I love its scent that i tend to use a lot. Once absorbed, it dries up to a matte finish.

Now as for the acne gel, this one didn't really give me results after a day. But it sure did dry up those big bumps i had in 2-3days. i love that it's clear so i can still use makeup on top or under it.

here's my face after putting on all the products:

still not a good sight, i know. but i promise that it got better in a few days of using it.

I can honestly say that this line is promising...just be wary enough in using the toner since it can really be drying to those with already dry skin. Overall, I am liking these new products from Clean and Clear. I am actually using them together with Obagi (I alternate the moisturizer with my Obagi Clear and Blender + Tret) and so far, I am liking it.

I had a facial last weekend and went home with really bumpy red marks on my face from all that pricking, i used the toner a few hours after to cleanse my face (washing is a no no) and i was relieved from redness and itchiness.

For those who want to try this, you can avail of this kit from WATSONS stores nationwide for only Php550.00 This is one affordable skin regimen that worked for me. But remember, though it worked for me i cannot assure that this would work for you as well. If you have the extra moolah to shell out and experiment for a probable solution to your skin problem, this is one affordable kit you can try.

If there's one thing i can say i don't like, that would be not being able to buy the items separately. I am running out of the toner and would have to wait till i run out of the other items as well before getting another kit. I wish they would sell this separately and in bigger containers too :)

have you tried this line?
if so, did it work for you or not?

lemme know :)



Makeup by Cris Joyosa said...

available po ba sya ng hiwa-hiwalay din? gusto ko lang sana matry ung gel e. :)

Shen said...

i miss you sis!! :) i agree with you on this one ands one!

vixen_md said...

i'm currently using this line as well for about a week now. i still have some pimples though, haven't noticed any positive changes but my skin did not react bad to this though.

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