Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Xmas Wishlist 2009...

weeee....Christmas is just around the corner. And though i remember not getting anything from my wishlist last year (boo-hoo wahahahaa), i'd still want to try my luck (accompanied with positive thinking and loads of prayers) on getting my wishes for this year:

an iPhone 3GS (in white preferably).

i grew tired of my old phone, and finally decided to join the growing number of iPhone users. and i don't care if anyone would tell me it's impractical to get one nowadays...this is my list and if you don't like what i have in here, go and get lost! RAWR!

(kidding, kidding)

my ixus75 is nearing its second year and the pictures are not that clear like it used to. i initially wanted to get a DSLR but i am trying to avoid myself getting addicted to acquiring those expensive lens so i'd rather stick with another point and shoot.

portable makeup table with lights and mirror

i hardly go to gigs these days. so yeah, this would be for personal use.
hahahaah! i think this would help me bring back my mojo on makeup.
oh well...i have this feeling that i'd end up buying these things for myself anyways.
hmpf! LOL

how about you dearies, what are your wishes (material things) for this year?


Yhen said...

wow.. nice christmas wishlist. but their soooo priceyyy! :/ Anyway, have a great christmas soon! :)

Caby said...

Ay gusto ko rin nung portablle train case with lights. For personal use din. haha but aside frm that I am eyeing 3 bags. :( Since I started this ake up craze my bag craze was put on hold hehe

Edna said...

Nice wish list :)

Hope you get all 3!!

Liza! said...

I waaaaaaaant the portable makeup table! :-D

Crystal said...

argh, like you i'm lusting for the portable makeup table too :)

Monique said...

Go get the iPhone! You'll never regret it. It's definitely worth the splurge! I need a new camera too. :-)

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