Thursday, December 10, 2009

MAK is Back!

remember this post?

that friggin' accident months ago made MAK look like this:

i can't describe the amount of stress and inconvenience this accident caused me. i remember waiting hours for a cab just to go home, and this is because from where i work, cab drivers usually prefer nearby locations. there was even a time when i almost cried when i got rejected by 3 cab drivers one after the other...geesh!

but it's all in the past now...for MAK is back:

looking brand new once again...woot!

MAK looking all mighty and handsome again

Thanks to Honda Shaw and their service advisor, Sir Poly for bearing with me. i've been pestering them for quite sometime and probably they grew tired that they made sure my car gets released ASAP! hahaha

that's the awful traffic i have to bear everyday going to work

camwhoring behind the wheels...a total No-No!

thanks for those who have been sending me messages asking me how i am and if i got the car back already. i'm okay now and i have MAK with me. i was quite nervous at first when i got behind the wheels after a month of not driving, but i got used to it again in just a few hours.

now i am back on the road, more careful than ever and hoping that i'll never get into any accident ever again!

thanks again, ladies!


Caby said...

I definitely understand you. I just recently got my car back from honda too after a gruesome 11 months! Can you believe it 11 months?!?! But I have been very very patient, went through a hell lot with the insurance and all and Honda Makati's POOR POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. But anyway im glad its back. :)

daddy joey said...

shucks! grabe pala tama ni MAK. buti naman oks na ulit sya, bumili na din pala ako ng space ship ko, 2nd hand lang. hehe

Shen said...

i miss you MAK!! :) racing na!! :)

AskMeWhats said...

welcome back MAK!!! Glad he's back to it's pretty self :) take care ha?

Bernadette Villanueva said...

Be more careful na, ha! And good to see the handsome Mak is back =)

Gem said...

Poly is really nice and accommodating unlike other service advisors. I also just got my car back from Honda Shaw. And I think my car accident was the same month as your car accident. Hehe.

Iambrigitte said...

caby, 11 months!? are you serious? i've heard a lot of bad feedbacks bout honda makati..actually all those under Ayala. good thing shaw didn't disappoint me though they belong to ayala group.

wow joey anong spaceship yan, pasakay! hehehe

hahaha hinahamon mo ko shen ha..tara! lol

hi there gem, yeah sir poly's really nice no? good that your car's back na din! take care! :)

thanks nikki yeah MAK is back to his handsome self..

hi neurochiq, i am really careful when on the road...but the others are not! arrrgh! thanks sis

tawnabarmore said...


Pili ♥ said...

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