Thursday, December 10, 2009

my early Xmas presents...

if there's a time of the year that i love, it would definitely be Christmas. i still jump with joy whenever i get to receive gifts, no matter how big or small it is. the mere fact that they have thought of me simply warms my heart :)

and yeah, i love my birth month too!

i got the following presents from two people close to my heart. they never fail to surprise me with things they are sure i would love to have. and aside from that, they send me gifts anytime of the year!

from my ate gracie, who i have been missing a lot:

L'orael True Match Roller Foundation and Maybelline Vibrating mascara

These two are not yet available here and my ate made sure i get my grubby hands on them first!

and of course, X made sure i get my presents early as well:

JVC Everio videocam

this videocam was on my wish list for last was late alright, but hey, it's better late than never!

so lightweight that i don't feel any strain when i use it. now, there no more excuse not to do video tutorials (i just wish i can find time to do so).

and because he knows that i don't like buying bags, he bought me one:

red bag from Nine West

seriously, it amazes me that he knows what type of bag i need and would use. to think he's not into buying ladies' stuff before.

love my bag :)

To ate and X, thanks again for making me feel like it's Christmas morning at such an early date. i love all the stuff you sent...but of course, it would be much much better to have you here this coming holidays.


Liza! said...

Aaaawe. that's so sweet of Gracie and Mr. X. :-)

Maybelline has vibrating mascara, wow.. It's definitely a must-try.

Janelle said...

i love getting gifts as much as giving them :) nice presents you got there lucky girl...

AskMeWhats said...

you deserve the gifts sis as you've been really nice this year :) :) :)

Iambrigitte said...

thanks sisters...but i am still hoping to get that iPhone! hahaha

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