Sunday, December 27, 2009

Xmas gifts...

i love Christmas...and i bet, most of you out there too! well, sans the expenses we incur to buy our gifts, we love Xmas for the gifts we also get.


anyways, i started getting gifts in the office:

i got these cutesy stuff (and some yummy, as well) from my officemates. i get surprised each time i leave my desk and get back to find my workstation with gifts.

isn't it nice? i even got gifts from some of my officemates who i don't even get to talk to that much!

wee, my first BDJ planner. i have this as my wishlist for our QA team exchange gift

this one i saw at a bookstore, so i got this as my wishlist for our project team exchange gift.

whew...i'm just glad they gave me what i wished for.

a gift from dad...just when i thought i won't get a new watch for this year...yeeeey!

i got this from my mom...i saw it when she got herself one. envious me asked one for myself...and i got one too!

this bag came as a big surprise from Mom. She knew how bad i want a bag from Guess. I just can't bring myself to buying one because of the price...yeah, i am that cheap! i am just not into bags and if ever i buy one, i'd only shell out 2k maximum (and not be able to sleep for days)...

now i have one, and i must say this is a dream come true for me!

pair of shorts from my mama (aunt)...and i was kidding her that they are too big for me. just look at the waist size!

actually, it's almost my size. waaaaah, i am that BIG now!

i forgot to take pictures of the other gifts i got...will just edit this post once i got pictures of it.

how about you, what gifts did you get this Xmas?


*** said...

Mare!!! The Bag is soooo cute!! i luveeet!

Christy said...

hehe i love your expression in the last pic, haha! love the bag!

AskMeWhats said...

LOL on the shorts! i don't believe you Feeling mo lang mataba ka pero HINDI HINDI HINDI :P

G said...

hahaha, you're sooo cute...! :D

great looking gifts! happy new year :D

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