Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Foodtripping at CYMA Restaurant, Shangrila

the foodtrippers strike again! and this time, we went to CYMA Restaurant at Shangrila Mall...and yeah, i was so intrigued by Nikki's food post about Cyma that i insisted on trying it out.

busy people during lunch

Spinach and Artichoke Fondue, Php350.00

i made sure we ordered this one since according to reviews, this is one of the bestsellers at CYMA. i loooove it! make sure to eat this while the fondue is hot...but be careful not to burn your tastebuds. :)

Meatless Moussaka, Php250.00

this has eggplant...but seriously, i hardly tasted it. it's so creamy and literally melts in your mouth, yum!

Chicken Souvlakia Souvlaki, Php340.00

it's good...i just wish it came with more tomatoes

Short Ribs Stifado, Php420.00

this is the winner! meat is so tender and tasteful. i'd gladly eat this everyday!

Roasted Cedar Planked Salmon, Php360.00

tastes bland...but my friends like it. maybe i'm just used to more tasteful dishes.

Baby Clams Angel Hair, Php600.00 (Family)

a so-so for me. i am not into Pestos...i'd rather have tomato-based pasta.

and then their famous desserts:

Flaming Mangoes, Php250.00

"OPPAH!" is what you'd hear their staff say whenever they take this out of the kitchen. it's a whole mango (yep, with the seed) on a sizzling plate. of course best eaten with the icecream!

their staff volunteered to slice it for us

Skolatina, Php295.00

this is LOOOOVEEE! we were so amazed with the amount of creamy chocolate that flowed from it. sweet, but not too much. even the guys love it!

and here are the foodtrippers:

Kris, Andrew, Jasel and Anton

Weng, April, Jheng and Luisa

Total bill: more or less Php3700.00

food is definitely not cheap, but it's good. i won't mind going back, i'd love to have that stifado dish, fondue and the skolatina again :)

so guys and girls, where's our next destination?

CYMA Restaurants

Level 6 Shangrila Mall, Mandaluyong City

G/F Greenbelt 2, Ayala Malls Makati City

Level 4 Trinoma Mall

*thanks to April for the awesome pics!


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Chrissy said...

I'm hungry now. :( It all looks so good!

*Nehs* said...

wow! ang chachalap naman!!!!

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