Monday, January 18, 2010

Last week's loot...

oh dear, here i go again. my resolution bout my spending habits just went down the drain...tsk tsk.

broke, but happy. geesh, i definitely need to look for other ways to make me happy..this habit's killing me.

from Watsons:
(definitely must avoid passing there before going to the parking area)

Green tea, Purederm Acne Facial wash, Strawberry conditioner, Maybelline Mineral Foundation and supplements

now, i've promised myself not to go the mall most especially when im down...but what happens when your loving mom volunteered to do the shopping for you?

loot from Rustan's and a gift from a friend

lot of Lancome GWPs. mom hoards her skincare from Lancome (yep, she's done with La Mer) and they give her loads of GWPs...they make sure to give me too!

major haul from SHU:

loose powder, UV base, Face Architect foundie, liquid eyeliner, drawing pencil and Chisato cat eye palette

cleansing oil GWPs
(they are generous too!)


Guerlain Ombre Eclat e/s palette

now it would definitely break my heart to use this and mess up the designs on the's just so pretty!

i tried to stay away from the mall, i even tried to stop myself from doing online tell me, should i also stop talking to mom when she's doing her shopping!?

oh, what a girl to do!


Camille Santos said...

ohhh...thats a lot of GWP's and grabe ang cute ng guerlain...can you pls show us your makeup stash na hehe.anyway ms jheng,youre the first blog that ive encountered nung di pa ako nagbloblog and i really do love your eyeshadow skills,lalo na blending,pabato naman sa house ko ng isang blending brush mo at kumapit yung skills mo baka maenhance ko din yung sakin hehe.joke po...any suggestion ng magandang blending brush ms jheng?wag lang mac out of reach pa haha

melandria romero said...

wow, you really have beautiful make up, i envy you!

AskMeWhats said...

your hauls are gorgeous to look at, especially the GWPs!!!!

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