Saturday, January 23, 2010

last week's loot...

oh no..when will this kind of post ever end?

because i got so envy with Sol's gift from J&J, i decided to sign-up for their free stuff as well. and after 3 days, i got mine:

aren't they adorable?

perfect for traveling!

and enabled by MakeupEnvy of Youtube, i got myself another concealer from MAC:

MAC Select MoistureCover concealer in NW20
(another perfect match for my undereyes!)

my first time to buy a pair of shoes from SM Parisian:

i love the perfect and comfortable fit. i wish it would stay that way...if this proves to be good, i'd get myself more! priced at Php999.00, this is a steal.

and my big purchase for the week:

i so love the blouse that i got myself two!

and because i need a wallet so bad:

i tried to get one from their stuff on sale, but they are all white. and i can't use anything white! i'd get dirty in no time...yeah, i am that careless.


Crystal said...

ooh how do you get the free stuff from J&J?

Chrissy said...

Nice haul!! I like the wallet, but I don't think I could ever fill a big one like that up. I don't have many cards (or cash xD).

The J&J package is so cute!!

AskMeWhats said...

I have the free JNJ stuff too, super cute bottle no? I gave it to my mom in law right away coz she loved it :)

Nice hauls :)

Maui (Suushh) said...

I love hte moisturecover for under the eyes too :)

jezzhae said...

I have also the JNJ lotions..
.it's free ..i love it coz it's pink..hehehehe...
and your wallet also!!! cute!!...

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