Friday, January 8, 2010


lesson i REALLY need to learn:
Don't go to the mall when bored

but before you judge me for shopping again...i must remind you that i've gained weight and i hardly fit into my clothes nowadays...seriously!

i used to fit in small sizes...not anymore! hhuhu
now i got these 3 shirts in size M and L.

well, this pair is such a cutie...and cheap! i got it for only Php280. I know they aren't as sturdy and comfy as the branded ones...but i can't resist. and who knows, they might be a good buy after all. (crosses fingers)


Rachaelah said...

hi! i really like the shoes, where exactly did you but it? :) btw, love your blog.

laneige couture said...

Php280! what a steal! ganda sa paa?

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