Monday, January 11, 2010

NYX loot and Xmas gifts...

It's a Monday and as expected, i am feeling a bit restless and bored as i start counting the days before weekend...yeah, that's how pathetic i am nowadays (sigh).

But it's nothing that a makeup loot won't be able to fix.

Sol sent me a message asking me to meet her...yep, we are officemates! I bought some items from her last month and because of the busy Xmas season, we weren't able to meet up for it. But hey, it's better late than never!

my NYX loot..and Xmas gifts from her too!

Mysterious Brown Eyes palette


swatches of Fig and Paris lipsticks

and of course, i was all giddy to check out her gifts:

Etude House Romantic Beauty Stand
(guess what i'd use this for)

weeee...more eyeshadows!

Runway Collection palette

i love, love, LOOOVE all the stuff i got today. Totally made me feel more energized! hehehe...

Thanks so much Sol for the wonderful gifts...
now i feel guilty for not getting you anything, darn!


lelila said...

LOL. dami mo ng gift sa akin during the year noh!

rayqueenbee said...

those are some beautiful colors. I didn't even know NYX had release some cute color palette.

Khymm said...

ang ganda ng runway eyes palette! officemates pala kayo ni Lelila! =)

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